Second Hit still not registering

  • I hit an enemy and am just shy of one shotting it by a couple of HP. It's almost dead. I hit it again, and it takes no damage. Hit it a third time and it finally dies.

    It's taking me 3 hits to kill things I should be killing in two. Considering the slow swing speed and high miss rate, that's brutal.

    This has been happening for at least a couple of years.

  • I've noticed that too, it's pretty common. What I can't tell is if the damage from the first hit is just instantly being healed again or if the second hit all together just isn't registering.

  • Possibly related, when using some skills, I can sometimes use those skills a second time for free. For instance with Meteor Storm or Fire Fiend, I can cast it once, cast it again right away, and it doesn't deduct the mana cost for the second spell.

    Likewise, I can summon a cockrel using up most of my psi, yet I can summon a second one when I don't have enough psy if I do it fast enough.

  • @Prometheus This is an old anoying bug i have reported it too. Please fix it ................................

  • @Roundwaters @Kapich hotfix implemented and added to the previous patch log (FIXES section):

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