AoE: Melee so much better than magic

  • Magic AoE is so bad compared to Melee. Melee has no cast cost, no cast time, no interruption, doesn't have the crappy mage armor, all you need to do is swing. Also, magic damage is terrible compared to what melee is doing.

    On the plus side, with magic being so useless, Darkling Mages used to actually be dangerous, now they're a joke.


    One thing i've learned in my 15+ years of experience in MMOs.. even though something is bad now, chances are it will be buffed & good later. I'm sure the same will be with sorcery at some point.


    totally agree, i have same experience :)
    all is shit now become gold later, its the law of mmorpg

  • The last 5 years of gaming have taught me that many developers are taking advantage of those sort of expectations.

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