Pro Guide 1: Dexer/Warrior from Heroguides


    I like this game, I played lots of UO and lots of Darkfall. I want more people to login and play. So here's a pro guide from heroguides. Also check out my twitch and youtube at:



                                                                     **Dexter **


    • Good for PVP and tanking mobs.
    • Lots of battle tactics, and useage
    • Tanky


    • No Spiritualism so soloing is hard.
    • No magery.
    • Current mechanics make playing this in PVP super hard. Melee Dysnc is real.

    [Mauling/Severing 100]
    [Battle Tactics 100]
    [Hiding 100]
    [ Stealthing 100]
    [Rejuv 100]
    [Invig 100]
    [Spell Defiance 100]
    (125 STR)
    (125 DEX)


    • Melee Resist gear (Scale or Above)
    • Dodge %, Lifeleech, Accuracy, Aoe Attack, Swing Speed, (For PVE)
    • Accuracy, Damage, Burst Proc, Swing Speed (For PVP)
    • Dodge > Life > Life Regen > Stam > Stan Regeb > Bonus Resists > Phy/Magic Reflect
    • For PVE use an Aoe Weapon, for PVP use a weapon with Cripple or Stun or Disarm.
    • Weapon Choices: Archer /Mace / Sword/Axe
    • Weapon Choices (PVP): Mace/Archer (Mace Stun/Cripple, Archer Burst and ability to run and Shoot)

    {How to Level}

    • 1-40 do Cattle Cows in Riverbank, or Sheep in Ravenfeast, or Deer. Sell all items you loot to the rancher for Argents. (

    • Bind hiding, Rejuv, Invig, and your Battle Tactics to hotkeys.

    • Buy/obtain a set of gear, just make sure you aren't naked. Get a decent weapon. Get food/drink from the tavern (Recommend Wine or Juices).

    • Find a Group/Friend. Soloing sucks, it leaves you vulnerable to PKs.

    • If you have to AFK macro hiding/stealthing. Bind them to a key and make a macro using Macrogamer or w/e software you use. (

    • Travel to Bandit Farm for training (NW of town). (

    -Train here until your character is strong, pick up all Argents, loot gear that you need. Bank frequently.

    • Once you are at like 60 Skill the next push is from 60-80. I recommend Darklings (Or keep doing bandits).

    • Darklings are located here. ( (Try to find a spawn without a mage).

    • This should stat cap you at 275.

    • Once you're 80 skill prepare for grindfest. I recommend afk macroing with a slow weapon on a friend who has high STR/Rejuv. Have your friend make a macro to spam rejuv /Nether Oath . Equip one of these they make it so you take little damage, if you rejuv and have life regen and capped melee resist then you should take about 6 damage. I reccomend using a slow attack or putting a pause in your macro so then dummy can regen the damage. If you can't regen, have the dummy use food/drink to heal. Your macro needs to swap weapons, and the dummy may need to heal. You can macro this with macrogamer.

    • To cap spell defiance. Have someone cast on you afk, or cast on yourself, or fight mage mobs, like bandit mages in the bandit camp basement, or darkling mages.

    • To cap invig/rejuv just afk macro them.

    • In general these builds are low cost, and easy to macro.



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    Also, advice for general soloing, always keep the toggle name ON so you can see players aproaching. If you are in a building, always use the walls to break line of sight and stop the (immediat) cast*

    *Reminder that as far as I have noticed, once the windup for ANY action (spells or weapon attack, including xbow) is ready, as soon as the enemy is in range/line of sight the action will be performed

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