Some scribbles by me

  • Most of my stuff can be seen at , but here are a few images of stuff I doodle.

    Dwarf Battlemaster concept

    alt text

    Wolverine vs Deadpool commission I worked on with my friend Nar for a client. I did the layout and inks, he did the colors.

    alt text

  • @Dkuang That's some good stuff, you should draw something LinkRealms related, it would be lovely. Hell maybe it will be the first fan art of the game.

  • @Deneb Thanks and yeah, I thought about doing a piece for LinkRealms but you know the mouse wheel we're all on. Have to finish paying gigs and make the rent before I can chill and work on fan art pieces. I'll hopefully do something in the near future related to LinkRealms though, be sure of that. :)

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