Prospecting/Metal detecting Reward need a slight tweek?


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    I took it upon my self to test out prospecting and metal detecting
    As you can see that golden nugget is my ultimate treasure.
    Via metal detecting I have found
    Multiple glass jars containing seeds, a metal horse shoe a tarnished cup a chest with some more seeds and a golden nuggets of questionable shape.
    Through prospecting I have found emerald which are useless as 1 of the crafting components they are used with are not available in game at this current time.
    Any one more experienced in this field shed light on possible prospecting/metal detecting rewards? are there artifacts for instance?
    Thanks , Ever humble prospector X-star.

  • a Golden nugget of questionable shape

    R o f l

    I thout that too hahahahaha

  • There's actually quite a variety of things you can find, unfortunately none of them have any use in the game other that to sell to the banker. You find diamonds, rubies and emeralds way more often in lockpicking than you do with prospecting.

    There is one location, the place with the poison gas in the troll caves, which has a different loot table. There you can find the whetstone, which repairs severing weapons and doesn't weigh as much as the sharpening wheel. There's a sword you can find there that used to be sort of rare, but it drops everywhere now, so it's not so special. And then there's the glowing mushroom, which when you eat them, the make your character glow for a few hours.

  • I just started my addiction of prospecting recently! Just like the real thing........get very little results, but dammit, one day I'll find something get off my lawn!


    @Roundwaters Seems u know a lot of things of the game, why the hell u don't keep in hands the wiki of this game? it is so sad....


    I am sure like every thing else they have plan's for the skill, maybe ore's that would be refined and used in black smithing item's that once all found could be crafted into artifact maybe ultra rare drop's that would reward the lucky or dedicated, or even golden nuggets that have substantial value. And as I do own a metal detector IRL , A WHOLE BUNCH OF USELESS JUNK lol.

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