WTT>Acid Crossbow and War God Crossbow

  • I want to see if i can trade one of this crossbows for another artifacts, like runic helmet, Dead ward leg plates, Hauberk of Endurance.

    alt text

  • @vorgoth333 To be honest none of these items is worth one of the best end game gear items, but I can buy your War God Crossbow if you would like to sell it.

  • runic and dead ward arent hard to get. =) Acid is OP pvp

  • @vorgoth333 Acid is not OP, but you may have feeling it is (+ it is way easier to just craft it than count on minimal chances you will get items you mentioned from bosses/stones) :P Runic is not hard to get... I am trying to get runic like since January, but no it is not hard to get (unless you want any runic helmet, not the one with stats you are interested in) :D And about legs, well yes they are not hard to get, but you have like 1/14 chance you will get them (for now I have turned like 260 p stones and never got legs :[).

    Anyway Acid is the best of these three and have biggest possibility to be traded for items you mentioned. Still I would like to buy War God if you like :P

  • @vorgoth333 Runic helm is in the shared artifact table which has a 0.5%, 2.5%, 3% and 8-9% drop rate respectively. Inside of the universal drop table the runic helm has a 2.78% drop chance, and a 1/4 chance to be good, a 1/8 to be bis. I"ve watched literally everybody who's done a dungeon since steam release, and I can assure you I do dungeons far more efficiently than anybody.

    With that in mind, I can say on average it takes me well over 250 hours on average for me to get a runic helm, whereas I can get a acid caster/war god smashed out in 4-8 hours depending on luck. Additionally the runic helm is more valuable in the sense that it is best in slot, whereas the acid caster is a tier two weapon, even if only slightly worse than the BiS. I've sold poorly stated runic helms for upwards of 800k in RBS/Pstones, and I've bought/sold acid casters for 80k-120k argents.

    To be clear to any nabs reading this looking to buy artis, I doubt Darkm was actively trying to rip you off, I just don't think everybody knows what everything is worth yet. If anybody wants advice on prices feel free to message me, which includes you Vorgoth :p


    Darkling slayer one looks cool 😎

  • LOL envy ppl wasting time typing on my posts, i wont even waste my time reading you =) just a Bump!

  • @Vetro I know, i have 4 acid crossbows now, i need to thank you for the tips <3 i got 3 venom spider glands in the same hour.

    Ill thing about selling the War God i dont know how much yet ill make another thread to offers.

    For now only trades.

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