Did the Lizgoth map drops change during las patch?

  • Before the last patch, I could do a lizgoth map level and and I swear there was like a 50% chance I wouldn't find a map (at least for level 3, which was a real slap in the face). Even if I did find a map, there always seemed to be one map piece I would almost never get, leaving me with a dozen of every other map piece.

    It's been brought up before, and I was going to start a thread about it, but trying to convince the devs of anything is like banging your head against a brick wall.

    Anyways, I haven't been burned with no maps since the last patch, and have even started finding multiple maps! What's more, I've even been finding the map pieces I need! Imagine that!

    Is it just my luck that's changed, or did something change in the game?

  • Its RNG. I was doing the dungeon and last time i found only 1-0 map fragments from lvl 2-3 maps. The level 1 map drops me like 2 map fragments on avrage.

    I did like 6 level 3 maps and i got only 2 fragments so if you are finding more your luck

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