Spiritualism - is it worth it?

  • With only 100 skill you can:

    Increases your dps with enchanted weapon
    Summon pets to help dps, aoe dps and mainly TANK in pve situations
    Root with chains
    Buff your overall defenses (by the way, it is bugged - it should last till cast again and not only 300s)
    AoE burst damage
    Heal, regen psi, regen mana
    Best current crowd control in game (mage spirit - freezes your target every 8 seconds for 3s)
    Lots of death effects (mostly not working)

    and everything with zero chance of interrupt and very fast cast speed.

    Any ideas how to help devs with balance?
    Maybe spread the powers towards more skills?
    Maybe increase psi cost?
    Maybe increase cast time?
    Maybe allow interruption like any other cast ability?
    Any other idea?
    or none of those, I like the way things are.

  • Not to mention it requires very little in support skills to be effective.


    Maybe int requirement for the good summons?
    e.g. 120 int for priest
    100 int for gryphon
    90 int for root
    etc etc

  • 120 for that damn op mage that CC every 5 seconds

  • I'm new. What's the best way to lv up Spiritualism?

  • @SirFederico harvest souls over and over and over. Lol

  • @Abb said in Spiritualism - is it worth it?:

    @SirFederico harvest souls over and over and over. Lol

    xD ok but it keep saying "There were no souls to harvest" or "Your spell has failed"

  • @SirFederico Still gives skill points. Just assign harvest souls to a key, find something to hold it down and let it cast repeatedly in town til 50 then head out of town til 100.

  • go to somones home and afk macro to 100


    i hate spiritualism, its a substitute of about other 4-5 skills, costless, really easy to skill up, pratically a build killer because even if u go for a pvp or pve build its a must have......

    my idea is the follow:
    longer cast time with 100% interrupt (not like sorcery at 50%), and speed up the implementation of "sorcery affinity" weapons, because actually a warmage is IMPOSSIBLE, and we have about 5 school of magic to choice....

    Strenght up pet system with more capable pets (with different statistics that allow to tank on pve and attack on pvp and even support with cripple and heal, this shoul lower the spiritualist request in both fields

  • @Meziljin It's not being changed because the devs have stated repeatedly that SORCERY is receiving an overhaul to open up a ton of new builds Spiritualism will NOT change before Sorcery changes.

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