How to get corn,bucket, and minotour oysters

  • it might seem like an odd combination of things to ask but i would appreciate answers, thank you.

  • Grow corn, buy a bucket, and kill Minotaurs for their "oysters" ?

  • kinda figured that would be the case i guess i mean where can i buy the bucket and where to find a minotour
    and if their is a city farm that grows corn where to find it

  • Minotaurs I know of are way to the west in a cave past some bandits. Bucket, no idea just try talking to some npcs. im sure it would be quicker than asking here and trying to find out. I dont farm so I dont know about the corn, Its possible its only player grown or found in the wild. Try checking the farms in town.


    You can find Minotaurs far north.
    You can buy a milking bucket in Ravenfeast.
    I am not sure if there is a noob corn field.

  • @Xeraeth thank you

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