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    This is not the PVP full loot we were promised:

    Almost all players (including me) have all their equipment with BS with 20+ chargues , this is not the full loot is promised before buying the game. Thanks to the BS there is no risk in PVP and players who often control the dungueons have BS to give ... This implies that no risks are not afraid to die, and with this we know that the criminal system will be a failure if remain the BS .

    With the passage of time , they will be accumulating many BS until death has no risk and only lose a few argents you have in inventory (players no have more than 5000 ) and the few wines

    We must also bear in mind that experienced users who are not used artifacts but use equipment they are good whit good atributes ( Sturdy etc ) and use BS that are much easier to find.

    My proposal:

    • Is that BS only serve if you die in PVE but in PVP have no utility.

    • The crimen system only penalize when new players is constantly killer.

    If you think that this proposal is useful and agree comments and vote for the issue , let us make us listen

  • I like this one.

  • Rare bless are hard to get and in the future for PK lousing multiple charges will be punishing also with a possibility that this person will run out of them quickly.

    We need more players and sometimes you will be able to drop some arties from them


    @Kapich No matter how many there are users , if still exist BS will be many more Holya with many RBS and PK system will not work because it is clarified that should be a very high degree of PK for this have penalties ( which should be only if kill new ) if the game says it is a PVP game full loot but will penalize you for doing PVP has no logic, should penalize only if it assassinates news players constantly but player no longer included as news players there should be no penalty and no BS should exist and that there was more balance that part

  • I like this

  • This thread happens like once a week, and I don't think it'd work out as well as everybody believes. As stands the game is balanced around leveling in 5 days, then gearing for 5 months. Two guys is trash gear still beat one guy in BiS, and the lack of blessing would just favor larger guilds. I'd be in favor of the removal of blessings, but I'm fairly confident 95% of the people who pitch it would quit within a week of it actually being removed.

    @DEAD said in The 10 tips thread! Give Prometeus some feedback.:

    1. Ok, I know it was stated before in numerous threads... but... PLEASE... remove item blessing or make it something super rare, allowing players only to acquire it in server events or something. Right now, I dont see any vet worried about death. You can get your artifact blessed sooo easy that this game doesnt even look like full loot. Even people in bad gear like me, have everything blessed with uncommon bless scrolls.

    @Namus said in Namus - Feedback Compilation:

    1. Change how Item Blessing works - This is very good mechanic but it is flawed in its implementation. It should protect new players not veterans. Make it so that it works only on people that have skills up to 60-80 max or in other words if player has 1 skill of 85 for example item blessing wont work when he dies. With power should come risk and dropping your artifact gear should happen every time you die wearing it. Most people are here for adrenaline that kind of risk (or reward if you kill someone with artifact gear) provides.

    @Vetro said in Blessing Scrolls:

    Well, I said it already in another thread, but I think it should be in suggestions also. Blessing scrolls should protect each blessed equipment part in, let's say 95%, so there will still be 5% chance of losing something when dying. At least finally there would be a chance we can loot anything interesting from someone's corpse, other than some gold/bolts/heals/lockpicks...

    @zycor said in End game Gear, Bless Scrolls, Recycling Gear:

    In my opinion, I like how it's hard to get it. I just don't enjoy the fact that once you have it, it's nearly impossible to lose good sets.

    There have been several posts on here complaining about blessed gear. I agree it is an issue, this game is supposed to have more recyclable gear. You should actually go through gear sets over time.

    Just so yall know, I was the first geared mofo on here (back in September) and I still have that same set of gear in my bank. I even gave it to Giraffe to use.

    The shelf life of a good gear set shouldn't be that long, in my opinion you should have a greater chance of losing rare stuff. Especially with pvp the way it is, killing someone with high resists/better gear is impossible to begin with, and the flight scenario is greater than fighting. Meaning, it's way to easy to escape pvp regardless of gear. Making the threat of losing a good set of gear very unlikely.

    So here in lies the problem, once geared you have an advantage in PVP, making it nearly impossible to take players with superior gear down. So this allows them free farm, and the ability to farm.. more rare gear.


    Decrease the charges on end game bless scrolls. Decrease their drop chance by a lot.

    Decrease dura on certain pieces of gear, like crystal armor, etc.

    Balance out some of the end game artifacts with uber crafted gear. So, if you can't farm the bosses, you can eventually craft your way into a good set.

    @Rolex said in Features I would like to see added:

    1. I know this has been stated before but I'll say it personally here: Get rid of item bless scrolls or make it so their bless charges are much less. It will make pvp a lot more interesting. I don't think there's anything 'hardcore' about being able to bless everything.

    @Angeleyes said in Limit equipable Blessed gear:

    This is just an idea, not a strong reccommend, thats why its in suggestions. Lets play with it.

    Common items - sure you can equip as many common blessed items that you want

    Uncommon - Lets saaay..2? 2 Uncommon blessed items are only allowed to be equiped, no more.

    Rare - Only 1 rare blessed item can be equiped at a time


    @Holya The opinion of people using bugs to take advantage of the rest and have a safe full of RBS, simply going to ignore , I understand that you do not mind the future of the game if not only your wealth and advantage over others and that you give it all you have the RBS and the fear of not losing anything when you go to kill half server with bugs .

  • This game is everything BUT full loot.


    I can understand items that are bound to a player only because no one can wear them but that player but I would have to agree it should be full loot to an extent

  • Item blessing in a game like this is pretty lame imo. I believe there wouldn't be any need for blessing if there was a decent crafting system. Make high end craftables on par with artifacts. Give artifacts cooler looking skins to keep incentive for farming them.

  • Rbs have become a lot rarer than before that S why sooner or later some artifacts will stay in bank

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