A few noob questions-

  • Hi, my buddy and I are very interested in this game and were wondering a few things-

    What exactly does owning a realm entail? I understand its a private player owned type area you can do things at but is this purchased with in game money, real money or part of premium service?

    Is there a cash shop?

    What does premium offer?

    Player owned shops?

    TBH I'm looking for a long term game like this b ut F2P scares me a little bit- I hate f2P normally. So I'm very concerned about what type of system is in place to fund the game- I wouldn't mind paying for a premium type acct.if it had everything included or even a pone time payment for owning a realm but cash shop frightens me.

    Also, when does this go early access? Is there a way to get into the beta now?


  • There is no difference between the realm claim from the banker and the realm claim from the cash shop.

    At this point you can grow crops in your realm. There's a few monster spawners they never really developed. Realms were useful for rooster breeding, but that's not in the game any more. Trap realms were fun for awhile, but then they nerfed them.

    So realms at this point are basically protection from gankers. Although as things stand, you could lose your claim stake if you die on your way to placing it.

    There are player vendors you can put in your realm, but you can't give them your own items. The sell the same limited stuff other vendors do, and really there's no reason for players to visit your realm to use them. There were slot machines at one point you could put in your realm, but they were never profitable.

  • Cash shop is literally all vanity and realm related stuff, very few things on there even have an indirect affect on combat and most stuff is a one time permanent purchase.

    This is why I'll be purchasing stuff for my realm soon :D

  • cool thanks guys much appreciated

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