Content Is too Easy to Solo or Too Difficult


    In the current game I find it duoing/soloing a lot of the harder content, like Hades, Blackwood, PVP ENTRANCE slow and difficult for a well trained character. I thought high level Spiritualism would fix that, but it looks like it got nerfed.

    • Suggestion, BUFF SP back to where it was before.

    • Add new content.

    In UO tamer could solo anything that's why I played that game. There was always a risk of getting ganked.

  • Sorry, but stuff like that falls on deaf ears. You should have seen the Tartaros dungeon.


    I just think soloing should be more viable. Make it take long and be difficult but doable solo.

  • I have easier time with some bosses than with some high level mobs who are probably not even worth solo, and to be honest the very low accuracy I have with some particular mobs/bosses is VERY annoying, although my combat skill is rather high :/

  • Spiritualisms been NERFED? Holy shit then how OP must it of been before?

    And yeah I know what you mean by this. There needs to be more mid-range content, and even high content. I also want to see this game with hundreds of players online, and they should start considering content for groups of 10. Currently 10 would be 1/4 of the server (somehow feels way more populated though?), but that may not be the case with the upcoming Steam release.

    I mean I don't even want to join one of the guilds, because that just leaves me with too few people to kill...


    Example: Stone Abyss, easy as hell to avoid PVP and you get some of the best gear in game. Can easily solo it. Even as a noob player you can farm it solo. On the contrary with a new character, you can barealy kill bandits, since they spawn so fast you can barely loot them. Once you become powerful enough they are a joke. I know bandits are intended to be a low/mid range mob. It's just at the point of development 40-80 range I made this post and I felt limited in my choices. I chose Darklings, however they don't drop currency so I ended up farming bandits more than anything.

    Suggestion: Add more spawns like Hades, more champ spawns. Add in taming/fix up spirtualism so soloing isn't gimp.

  • Hi all,

    lots of mob balancing still has to be done, both in terms of stats and in terms of loot. Many creatures still don't drop argents while they should, and that's also why bandits are such favorites for now. Some creatures have "buggy" combat skill levels, and that's why they are kind of impossible to hit, and so on.

    For the next beta phase we are planning on finalizing all of this balancing job :)

  • Finalizing? The only thing new in these betas is that the world has changed. The first beta was a rudimentary world, this one slightly expands that. Beyond that all the broken core systems have been left pretty much as they are. You guys haven't even begun to make the changes needed before balancing even becomes a concern.

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