Partial Fix for me, maybe also for you

  • ----- EDIT 2 ---------:
    Going to the cemetary, crossing the map border and coming in the new map, my buddy , except his name, and all the npcs became invisible again and i got like another 200 skin errors. This might be my fault because of copying everything to every folder, but this seems redoubtable because i still get better results this way than by leaving the folders empty.
    ---------- EDIT 2 ----------

    ------ EDIT 1 ---------:
    -Long story short, I am now waiting to see what happens but all I wrote under here might be useless, not sure. See, I was convinced windows 10 gave more of these skin errors looking at people talking. So whaddya do u try to run the program in another compatibility mode than that. I tried windows 7 and everything got fixed. I saw everyone again and I wasn't like invisible and nameless and random anymore :D It's running flawless except i got 3 little skin errors but for 5 mins of game , this is nothing, I'll take this for now :D
    ****Guess -> Windows 10 and the game source code make it so that the fetched data is fetched differently? Or extracted to say the least. Maybe the game was made with windows 7 environments which could possibly affect how data is processed screwing source code functionality up. Maybe not screwing but scrambling it up :) Ok... long ass typings are done, back to the game
    --------- EDIT 1-------

    So with all the errors popping up making my experience 1/100 of what I'm sure it will at some point be, i went looking through the installation files and folders. I haven't delved further yet but it would seem that if we (or I) open up the resources/actors/ folder, there is only one folder out of the 11 subfolders with any files actually in it, at all.

    There's animations:
    * granny
    * lists
    There's meshes:
    There's skins:

    From all these folders, the only one containing a bunch of XML-files/any files, is the folder named /animations/lists/. As I noticed earlier that the error I recieved was localized at or at least generated by some method searching for stuff (skins) in the folder named /skins/lists/human_01.xml and I noticed that this human_01.xml file was indeed present in the /animations/lists/-folder, I copied the contents from one folder into the other.

    Now, like a mad cow, I added all the files from the /animations/lists/-folder to all eleven subfolders of the folder "actor".

    So all this to tell you that I did indeed lower the amount of occurring error. For Example I was able to perfectly create my character cycling through each and every option. A while later tho, other players, and myself, started disappearing on-screen. Not even toggling the Show Name option would bring the name out. So basicaly if nobody would talk i wouldn't see anybody around me, either npcs or player, and later myself.

    Onward to find a solution...

  • Bump (Sorry :D):

    Somehow everything works perfectly fine now, since the server reset? That's a damn good job, but I wasn't ever doubting you'd get us through this Skins-bug. So glad I had the chance to play around a bit :)) (And this game is just sick btw really its so fun you can feel the elasticity, growth of your character. Awesome simply amazing)

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