Release 04 - Criminal System


    @Chipli said in Beta Update - Patch 2.3 (06-14-16):

    1)Make the aggressors levels reduce by time duration
    2)Make it Karma based, meaning if a PK kills another PK, reduce the aggressors levels. (If the level is the same reduce by 1, if it is below 0.5 and if higher 1.5)

    1.) Said pker should be online to reduce the duration. The time should be very long.
    2.) This is bad because PKers will just use their main to kill alts
    3.) Meh I'm cool with removing bless but crybabies like @Vetro and @Holya would whine at the forums
    4.) Personally quests are cool and I don't see why is it a bad idea.

  • @Prometheus said in Beta Update - Patch 2.3 (06-14-16):

    That being said, I still don't see what's so dramatic in using your realm as base for your PK characters and using the bank of your other characters.

    @Prometheus Becouse there is no bank, there is no possibility to buy heals, and also i dont like that this change forces me to create 10^23232323 alts. I want to have one warrior and one mage and also only one account. Now i need an alt for assasin alt for pve alt for locpicking alt for mage alt for assasin mage

  • This post is deleted!

  • Right Now if you turn assassin you are forced to gg quit since you dont have any means to refresh or buy residence.
    Another MAJOR problem about the assassin life is that the game only allow you to teleport/mark safe zones. So you wont be able to teleport to the pk city. Ultima Online worked with similar system because you could mark and recall from anywhere but dungeons.


    I guess you shouldn't have went Assassin so soon after the update?

    Happy hunting! :)

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