Hades boss went poof on death

  • Hammy and I took out the Hades boss, and there was no body to loot.

    Also there were no minotaurs with the harpy spawn.

  • Did you perchance stun/freeze it just prior it dying?

  • Nope, I was using a fire Baphomet with griffons, and Hammy was using the spell griffons cast.

    There was no body at all. The worms still appeared, and we got to see the initial cluster they appear in.


    Hi @Roundwaters, Thank you for reporting this, I will pass it along to the development team to review. Keep in mind that we sometimes are unable to reproduce these kinds of bugs on our end so we ask that you provide as much detail as possible so we can attempt to reproduce it more accurately. Please provide us with as much information as you can regarding which abilities you were using, the weapon you had equipped, any effects applied and so on.

    So far this has been the only report of this so it must not happen too often, nevertheless we will look into it.

    GM Pain


    There is an old bug (can't member if it was fixed) that I saw happen frequently with bandit commanders that when you last hit a mob with a proc (like fire baphomet proc) it would make the mob corpse dosappear

  • Last time we killed hadess boss and on last hit it was frozen, the corpse turned in to ice and it was also empty

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