Locked door opening?


    I have a locked door in my house that controls 2 spawners. Somehow, even though i've locked it, and secured the key to where only I can use it, it is randomly being reopened, and the spawners are activating. Would really like to know how this door is being opened. When I try to close it, it says it's locked. So this is really strange.


    Hi Phaust, please check your spawner settings and be sure that they are not triggered to open the door when a mob spawns. Also, if you have added any friends to your realm then there may be a possibility that someone else is opening your door.


    Yeah when it first started happening, I removed all friends except my real life buddy who isn't actually playing right now, and locked the door with a key that only I can use. It eventually opened again, so now i've removed all spawner settings related to the door. Hopefully that should fix it.

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