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  • Hello! Betawolf/Sharkybiits here, I just wanted to share some of my feedback on this game. I personally think it's great, it really makes you feel like you are playing a game like Gauntlet seven sorrows or something like that. It is a ton of fun to solo and to group, you can pretty much pick up players to party with anywhere unless they are strictly solo and the community is pretty fun except for a few trolls. The PVP System is amazing, the housing even better. And the dungeons are really good, Not much more you could ask for, the only thing I could ask is for the wiki to be updated a bit more :) I think this game needs more attention honestly. There are only a few bugs I have encountered with is surprising for a beta but also very nice, the only problem I've had are a few invisible haunting spirits by Riverbank but restarting your client is a good fix for that. Great job on Linkrealms! :)


    The dev team is working very hard with limited resources and real life jobs aside from editing code... they put in tons and tons of work behind the scenes.
    glad you're here... they rely on players like you and I to give as much feedback as possible

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