More visual and realms Items in Store


    I think it would be a good idea to add more visual items and items for realms to store items, This would help the team behind LinkRealms to better finance the project

    Things like : Items Visual ( Auras , Skins , Visual Weapons ) , Realms Items (Personal Bank is very necessary and more item to give more life to the realms and that they are useful might be better spawn of monsters among other things).


    This is a great idea except for the Auras. I'm not sure if most of the players here would appreciate auras in game.

  • Would people really spend money on cosmetics for a PvP server where they can be lost on death?

    Are people even buying the repair items on the PvP server? Or is it not worth the risk?

  • @Roundwaters Ofc they do. You are blessing them anyway... Anyway such cosmetic items like flaming horns for the devil are not lost on death. Adding such cosmetic items which are bound to character is quite a nice idea. I would like to have burning tail or sparking eyes on my wolf lol.

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