The next high-Priority update is balance?


    @Prometheus The game desperately needs a balance to melee attacks , running behind an archer while this can freeze us is not very good, just as happens with most distance attacks against monsters have much advantage and can avoid 80% of the attacks, unlike melee attacks damage type all take and do the same damage or unless archers ( Unable to freeze / stun that this bug 's ability stunt in hammers )

    It is unfair to see how a dungueon killing the boss the only ones who do the most damage are distance attack, the melee lose most of the time running behind the boss .

    Some ideas for balance :

    • That type melee attack do more damage ( As is logical ranged damage can never be equal to melee ) .
    • Archers like magicians need a type of clothing that has less resistance or otherwise makes them slower .
    • Melee weapons that give additional resistance or make somehow that using melee combat have more resistance.
    • The melee skill grant additional resistance only if you are using a melee weapon.

  • 90% of pvp server players are archers or mages,nobody is using melle cas its not viable in pvp.


    @Gorstak Of course friend, is not viable because there is no balance and melee It is outside, there are 5 types of combat not just 2 , they must be balanced

  • @alonxx If we want to talk about logic - good archer should always kill melee before he even has chance to get close... Anyway I proposed once to change damage of archers basing on distance from target (closer you are - you have more chance to hit, but damage you deal is getting weaker and weaker, farther you are - you deal more damage but accuracy decreases badly). This should give melee characters chance to get closer or do not take as much damage from distance as they do now.


    it could be even sufficient to lower accuracy by distance

    anyway blacksmith is comign and the new armor should allow melee to be very resistent.... but actually u can max all resistance even with studded, this probably will be rebalanced

  • @Vetro said If we want to talk about logic - good archer should always kill melee before he even has chance to get close...

    It's a crossbow, which takes time to reload. Logically, you get one shot off before I take your head.

  • @Roundwaters Logically this one shot will hit you in the eye/heart before you do :P

  • People miss all the time. I've been doing some research and found some historical documentation regarding crossbows vs swords:

  • @KhanX "historical" lol


    As somebody who spends an exorbitant amount of time bow hunting can confirm crossbows are for fags.


    @Vetro Have you ever heard of game balance kiddo? Why don't you create a new MMORPG with only archers.

    @Roundwater I agree with this guy. Check out Chivalry: Medieval Warfare for Melee vs Archer combat.

  • @Vesuva You are more dumb than a shoe.


    @Vetro You are the dumbest person here on the forums. Basically you are saying that melee users shouldn't exist and everyone should play marksman. I have checked your post history and it is only filled with trolling.

  • @Vesuva Show me.


    @Vetro you bashed the devs and post shitty one liner replies.
    You couldn't even show me proof that I whine about dying in PvP. I'm not sure if you really belong here in this forums with that dev bashing attitude of yours.

  • @Vesuva You don't even know when someone is talking directly to you and when he is talking generally and then you just try to change these words on your favour. You don't understand what people are saying about something, but you still trying to comment it just to look cool. "Bashing devs" when 90% of other players agree with your words isn't trolling, is it? I think that says enough about you, so just quit your useless taunt posts towards me, unless you have something really valuable to say, supported by decent arguments. Thanks.

  • I'm curious how the new sorcery overhaul will affect melee characters... they may not need a rebalance afterwards depending on spells available. Right now the problem with melee is not being able to catch the archers, but I can't remember this being a problem in UO... was it the base damage and speed difference?

  • I will say again What this game needs in order to balance things: tactical moves to meeles like charge to close gaps. Snare traps to archers that they deploy and snare people that step over it, and insta slow/ 2s cast 6s (3s with defiance) paralyze to mages just like UO.

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