Severing and Dexxing doesn't feel rewarding..

  • I'll rant a little bit because I just lost a PvP and I'm a little salty :P

    As the title says, it doesn't feel rewarding in the game. Analyzing the battle tactics and the style a severer plays, it just seems lackluster.

    The base damage of the weapons are very low, sometimes even with Ignore Armor is just not worth it, and even then, since there are very few weapons with cripple (and none of them with Ignore Armor) you just don't have enough sticking power.

    Disarm doesn't seem to work, or at least I'm pretty sure people have been rearming instantly with hotkeys/double clicking and AFAIK you shouldn't be able to do this. I'll check this later. If it really is not working, then Disarm isn't any better (perhaps worse?) than parry.

    Bleed and Hemorrhage are okay habilities, I feel like they do a ton of damage, but the natural regen mitigates it a lot.

    In combat, you shouldn't be sticking to the opponent. Mauls have advantages in that they always seems to have the windup ready, so the effective DPS is way higher than swords/axes. Rangers were some of the most obnoxious experiences I had with PvP. Have moving shot and/or some spiritualism and what's the point? He will just run, you will NEVER catch up and you will always be receiving damage. I PvPed against two rangers as of now, killed both in the following circunstances: a lucky Dark Mage happened to aggro and freeze one, allowing me to finish him, the second one stood in melee range and just died. Otherwise I kept chasing them for some time, while chugging almost no food anyways...

    So, perhaps severing isn't for pvp, is for PvE? Except that only parry and ignore armor seems to be worth it, whereas crushing armor and debilitating strike seems to be much better? Sure, the higher speed of the weapons are OK with life leech, but that seems to be about it. If you are a spiritualist it barely even matters anyways.

    Full dexxing doesn't seem rewarding too, in comparison with spiritualism. The advantage which was supposed to be two/three more maneuvers headstart and some attack speed just aren't worth it. You can barely never reach the full potential of the attack speed advantage nor can you spam the tactics unless you are sticking to the enemy, which almost never happens. If the enemy have high enough spiritualism you will have to run anyways, because ethereal weapons + freeze is such a ridiculous combo and you have to kite away from the mage.

    PvEing is another monster, you just have the minions tank for you and/or heal you, it makes soloing so much easier.

    Anyways, that's how I feel about severing and dexxing. It's a strong combo provided that you could stick to the enemy. I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong, or if there are strong enough Artifact swords that would make the experience better, but as of now I'm actually start to regret my build choices :/


    Sorry for making you rage.

  • I'm still raging hard at the Dark Mage summon :/

  • I kinda know what you mean, I didn't start to feel strong until I picked up Spiritualism, took my AGI down to 75 and as much WIS as I could for INT to support it. zYcor actually inspired me to do this the bastard, haha. But thanks man. I've also figured out a combo that can take down 75% of a health bar in a single hit. If this sounds OP and the devs don't already know about it feel free to contact me on here.

    Another thing, the devs have already mentioned they're working to fix the desync issue, which will obviously decrease the TTK for melee fights and improve the effectiveness of melee in PvP dramatically, so I don't think any balancing changed should be made until desync is fixed IMO.

  • It's true that the desync fix would substantially improve pure fighters melee PvP experience and perhaps you are right that this fix should come before any kinda of nerfing/buffing in spiritualism PvP BUT, I still think that the dark mage frozen is too strong and as a melee I feel the need to kite/break line of sight, which greatly reduces my battle tactics/dps output. Spiritualism even comes with Ethereal Weapon, allowing for some free guaranteed damage, with almost no counterplay AND the inability to use any healing itens for a very long time. It's a single skill that's better than almost all of the CC forms found in battle tactics, perhaps even better than Mauling's Stun.

    Also, I feel like Lethal Weapons, for what it does, it stamina cost and it's high cooldown is such a useless skill in front of a Dark Mage frost cast.

    Besides, if disarm really is allowing for a quick rearm, that should be fixed ASAP (I still hadn't the chance to confirm In-game).

  • Sounds like the game needs Bola and nets for slowing down players if you have no magic. Then you can throw bola at them and stop them so you can attack for a while.

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