Can't Install Game

  • I am running windows 10 and when installing I get about halfway before it freezes and i get the "blue screen", then my computer restarts.

    I've tried the following

    1. Install it to multiple locations, including program files and program files x86 on both of my hard drives.
    2. Updated my video card drivers.
    3. redownload install file
    4. run as administrator.

    Anything else I could try? I was a big UO fan back in the day and really want to give this game a go. Appreciate any help.


    A blue screen isn't necessarily a software problem, it could aswell be hardware related such as RAM/GPU, and if extremely unlucky the motherboard, but try switching out your RAMs and see if that helps, also try monitor your computers heat signatures, maybe you need a more powerful power-supply

    my 2 cents


  • @Tenzith That would be bad. I am using an MSI gaming laptop that is less than a year old. Temp seems to remain constant and voltage is good. I haven't had issues with other games I've installed up to this point. Any diagnostics I could run to check out my hardware to see if its up to par?


    @Vinshow You could run a RAM / HDD diagnostics when you boot your laptop (usually its F2) I'm fairly sure there are some free diagnostic tools out there on the interwebz, but i haven't used any of them before, at least when you look for software like that, go for the more trusted websites, otherwise you could end up with malware or some nasty viruses, just be careful if you wish to get diagnostic tools


    Hi @Vinshow, this could be caused from numerous different things which are unrelated to our software. The first step would be to identify the error, which error are you getting when you crash? A common one is "THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER" if that's the case then there are several possible solutions, one being a simple update of your graphics driver.

    If you do not know how to locate or view dump files, then I recommend you download the "WhoCrashed" client located here. After downloading this, all you need to do is hit Analyze and it will read your dump files for you and give you a list of information regarding each crash. If all of the error codes are the same then you have your problem, you can then search that error code in Google and see what causes the error and ways you can fix it.

    If you have any trouble then feel free to post the error code here and I will look into it for you.

    GM Pain

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