Please don't nerf PvP

  • I know that we live in a bizarre "Caitlyn" Jenner world these days full of half-males with too much soy products in their diets who develop high estrogen levels, but please let the rest of us have a rough and risky world as it should be. This is the element that gives safety it's value and creates factions, rivalries, and a meaningful history. This is what makes the game fun for me. I ask that you please preserve this crucial element and not give in to the care bears. They have dozens upon dozens of care bear MMORPG's to choose from already.


  • What gives you the assumption that they're going to "nerf PvP"?
    Carebear servers are already planned if population increases enough (which it will with the upcoming Steam release), I'm sure our server will stay the same.


    The PvE server is actually very fun... there are PvP zones inside the PvE server... but only certain zones.. I hope they bring it back on the next beta phase , since this one is only going to last a few weeks.

  • I have already seen care bears crying about it and I have seen developers cave into them time after time. But if they have true PvP servers and PvE servers then all should be fine.

  • You're delusional. The devs have gutted PvE elements over and over in pursuit of PvP. Core PvE features that would attract PvE players to the game, like the roosters. Not in because it unbalances PvP. The reason crafting is an unfinished mess is because they focus only on PvP.


    @wr75 .
    Do you even Linkrealms bro?

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