item bought with 1500 beads disappeared

  • i have bought 2 green powder from the tailor to enhance fame to 7000.
    only one of them has appeared in the back pack . the other one is not there...
    i have lost 1500 beads and received no green powder :(


    Hi @Dreworok, thank you for the report! After reviewing this we can confirm that this NPC is indeed bugged. I have temporarily taken it down to prevent anyone else from running into this same problem. This NPC will be fixed in the next patch, which will be coming out either tomorrow or Tuesday. In the meantime, players will still be able to do quests normally and turn them in for beads.

    Since I was able to confirm your request, I will refund you your 1500 beads. Please contact me via PM here on the forums or in-game when you are available.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

    GM Pain

  • i thought the bug was solved but it isnt yet even if the vendor after the patch has appeared again..
    i have lost another green enhancment dust :\

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