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    I have seen several post about trading between servers even argued to an idiot that you physically can't do it. So I making this for the developers to clearify if it is possible or not. @Developers @Moderators


    There is no magical way to trade between servers. However if x person give you an item on pve and then you log onto your characters on pvp x person can give the other person an item. So you would have to trust the person you are trading. Which is no different than trading someone for credits. So if you and I trade on the pvp server and you give me 10p stones. I would give you nothing in return (on pvp). We would both then log into our characters on the pve server and I could give you 10p stones there (and you would give me nothing). The only safety precaution you could take would be to make me show you that I have the item I say Im going to give you by me showing it in a trade before it takes place or you to make the person you are trading with trade first.


    The PvP and PvE server are completely separate, there is no way for players to trade items between the two servers unless you do something like @Clavicus suggested, which we do not recommend as it is unsafe.

    The requests we have received asking if GM's could transfer items between the servers simply cannot be done as it would require us to do everything manually and if we do it for one person then we must do it for everyone and being the only GM that is too large of a task to keep up with. We are a small team and everyone here has multiple roles which we fill, for example- I am not only a Game Master but I also handle Support emails and requests, Bug Reports, Marketing Assistant, as well as many other things. Prometheus does absolutely everything so we are always very busy, these sort or requests would be impossible for us to maintain.

    With that being said, if you do not have the tools provided to do it yourself then it cannot be done. We may add something in the future which will allow you to transfer items between to two servers but as of right now it is not an option.

    Also keep in mind the balancing issues that would arise, players would be able to farm these items on the PvE server where it is safe and then switch them to the PvP server to use to their advantage. I hope this clears up some of the confusion as to why we have not been handling these sort of requests.

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