Melonites small change

  • @Prometheus Since there is no true alternative for decent healing other than alcoholic drinks, I am trying hard to make an alternative from mutant watermelons. They don't seem to be sustainable enough tho, since spawn is quite low and seed drop rate is very low, while the plant lasts like 3-4 days before it is gone - this is fine and should stay like that, otherwise alcoholic drinks would become useless, BUT melonites should also drop mutant watermelons. Even 1 guaranteed mutant watermelon from 1 melonite would be good enough (1-2 mutant watermelons from 1 melonite should be max drop tho), because for now, if we don't get a seed from melonite (and mostly there is no seed even after over 15 melonites, what takes like whole day to get such melonites count spawned), we get one big waste from the plant (pickable mutant watermelon spawn is even more rare than melonite spawn, what made me to get like only 30 mutant watermelons within 3 days lol). Of course alcohol should and would still be way more easy to get/cook and its amount we can get/cook should and would be still way better than the mutant watermelons we can get, but then we would have a good enough alternative for alcoholic drinks.

  • Agree with this. As is right now I think the amount of melons that spawn from the vines themselves is fine, but barely being able to sustain a mutant melon garden with 4 vines makes them all but useless.

  • Having a guaranteed mutant melon as a drop would make it better.

    Still think the drop rate of seeds needs to come up a wee bit.

  • @Roundwaters I think higher seeds drop would change the scales too much and making alcoholic drinks would become pointless.


    remove that damned melonites...

  • @Meziljin any arguments would be nice.

  • alcohol drinks will never become replaced, specifically because of the benefits of having endurance.

  • @Abb The thing is, endurance doesn't give benefits other than not getting drunk and poison res. That is why this skill is far away from being so good to make it 'must have' and wasting 100 skill on it. I will do my best to find alternative for alcoholic drinks then, because I don't feel like wasting 100 skill on endurance instead of putting them in something useful.


    I been using food myself. Not like you can't get it free heh

  • Simple food can't be compared to alcoholic drinks at all. And baking turkeys or making pale pumpkin pies is true pain in the ass...

  • @Abb So they moved freeze to endurance from spell defiance, what made spell defiance totally useless skill lol (nerfing spell defiance till it is useless and trying to buff endurance with everything to make it must have wtf :|)... Anyway still doesn't look like 'must have' just because of 40% shorter stun/freeze. Especially if there is no more pvp on this server...

  • @Vetro pvp will cease quite a bit untill the lawless area/town, we'll just have to hang out till then and hope it comes soon. lol

  • @Abb Unfortunately it will not get better. Everyone will just avoid attacking people until they see someone is gray/red. Noone will want to become red because of losing 3 blessing charges in case of death.

  • @Vetro you're mistaken, there will always be more holya's. Lol

  • @Abb I doubt it, because since reputation got implemented, you are getting punished by playing PvP badly, while you get no benefits from it at all. And some heals/arrow after killing someone is not really a benefit comparing to be open for other's attacks and losing 3 charges after each death when being red.

  • This system is being implemented in the same fashion as UO, the current difference is the size of the world's. Any dedicated pkers will just join together as they're doing now and they won't really have to worry about the risk. After all the risk becomes small when you know how many you need and how many you're facing as was always the majority of the pvp battles in the recent past. In my opinion the only thing affected by this is that random rare encounter where two players would run into eachother and fight it out. Which was rare from my experience roaming the world every other day.


    here my arguments to remove melonites:

    heal way are magic, food and drinks
    -magic is an exclusive for mages, but require to stop and risk to be interrupted, its ok about this
    -food heal a good amount, no need of skills(except a good but not exceptional cooking), but risk to decay after some hours, ingredients can be planted or got into safe areas for free (its a good alternative, quite worked but its good)

    • Drinks are best heal, alcoholic are the top heal but require a very professional cooking (90 over) and to use constantly them without any negative effect u have to sacrifice even 100 skill points (no 30, no50, only 100), require even a realm to plant ingredients (time and money spent), the price to excel in heal system

    in this perfect system exist a melon, quite rare, that produce a juice that NOT decay, NOT require skills, NOT give negative effect if abuse, and give TOP heal.....
    its surely more worked, more difficult, but WHY?the system above is really perfect, it works fine and melonite only give disturbance on system giving false hope to player who prefer to renounce endurance (who is EXTREMELY long to train up and really expensive, about 40-50k drinks to get).
    endurance is for pvp, allow to reduce the effect of spiritualism and give more dinamic on fights (lowr chance to get killed doing nothing due to freeze of stun)

    Thats' my arguments, easy way for easy people, staff should start think players are for most casual players, hardcore asset will bring this game to ruin....

  • @Meziljin you drank your way to 100 endurance? Lol I'm gonna poison myself to 100 endurance and save hours and hours of time.

  • @Meziljin what Abb said + to create melon juice you need quite high cooking skill i think (but not sure about it) and if not - this should be changed then, so only high cooking skill (like 90+) can make mutant watermelon juice.

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