Release 05 - Martial Arts & Skin Spells

  • Hi everyone,

    This patch introduces staff-free spellcasting, including the Martial Arts skill. This, coupled with the three new crucial Skin Sorcery spells, tackles again to a large extent PvP balancing issues and allows for plenty of warrior-mage hybrid builds, hopefully putting an end to the reign of Spiritualism over PvP. Moreover, several tweaks and fixed have been implemented on the Criminal system to no longer discourage aggressive PvP too much, particularly between new players. Last but not least between the significant changes to be mentioned here, Constitution is now the skill that regulates the metabolization of alcoholic heals.

    Below is a detail description of the patch.

    <--- Please Note --->

    Due to a human mistake, there has been a 1-hour rollback when deploying this patch. We have scheduled a fix for the next patch to prevent this error from happening again by mistake. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.



    1 - Staff-free spellcasting has been introduced. You can now cast Sorcery spells without holding a staff, paving the road to a huge amount of hybrid character builds.

    2 - Martial Arts is now functional. It provides hit and dodge rates equal to those of all other combat skills while you aren't holding a weapon or a staff. Unlike other combat skills, however, it also influences the damage dealt while fighting unarmed, which is no longer affected by Battle Tactics.

    3 - The distinction between 1-Handed and 2-Handed weapons has been introduced. This is so far only used to determine whether the weapon can roll the new Magic Weapon modifier or not (only 1-Handed weapon have a chance to get it). This modifier is required to cast Sorcery spells while holding the weapon.

    4 - Three new key Sorcery spells have been added: Stoneskin, Emberskin and Glacialskin. They are meant to be used before entering combat as they have a very long casting time, but also enjoy time-unlimited duration and only get removed by receiving damage. As only one Skin spell can be active at the same time, choosing which one to use will become a staple tactical decision for any Sorcerer who is fond of the Arcane School of Alteration.

    5 - An Open Linkrealms Wiki button has been added to the Help menu in the main UI.

    6 - A temporary chat command has been added: /EnduranceConstitutionSwap. This command allows you swap your Endurance and Constitution skill levels, provided the former is higher than the latter. To find out the reason for this command, check out point 5 under Changes.

    7 - Another chat command has been added: /reputation. It provides information on one's criminal status and murder counts.


    1 - When trying to cast a Sorcery spell, essences in the inventory are also used if none are found in the staff in hand (or if you have no staff in hand). Essences are now much lighter, too.

    2 - The Magic Weapon modifier has been added to the following artifacts: Blade Of Clarity, Cathode Spike, Gila Monster Sword, Lizard Leg Axe, Parasitic Blade, Psi Sword, Wrath Of The Amazon. The change is retroactive.

    3 - The Chill affliction now deals more damage and slows down the victim's attack speed by 50% rather than 20%.

    4 - All players now start with large inventory. The Inventory Stretcher has been removed from the store.

    5 - The metabolization time of alcoholic drinks is now determined by Constitution instead of Endurance. This change has been made to turn Constitution into "the" healing skill for warriors, leaving to Endurance the role of reducing physical afflictions and providing resistance to poisons, and to Spell Defiance the role of reducing magical afflictions and increasing magical resistances.

    6 - The realms of the Oak Forest around Riverbank have been revamped to be more varied and less crowded.

    7 - Assassins (non-criminal) can now enter safe zones. However, unlike Innocent characters, they can be attacked by anyone while in there too. Assassins can react against other Assassins or Innocent players attacking them in safe zones.

    8 - The duration of the Criminal status has been increased from 2 to 3 seconds. Criminals can now enter no safe zone at all, disregarding whether it's considered as a town or not.

    9 - Criminal characters can no longer use the Hiding skill until the criminal status is over.

    10 - Assassin characters now lose additional bless scroll charges on death only if Criminal too - that is, only when actually engaged in their unlawful activities.

    11 - Additional bless scroll charges lost by assassins now depend on the level of the item. If the item can be blessed by Common scrolls, only 1 charge is lost (as for non-Assassins' items). If the item can be blessed by Uncommon bless scrolls, 2 charges are lost. If it can be blessed by Rare scrolls only, 3 charges are lost (like all items of Assassins used to before this patch). This change has been implemented to no longer discourage PvP between new players.


    1 - Mobs like the Frost Griffon can no longer accidentally perma-freeze players.

    2 - Wands, shovels, pickaxes etc no longer lose durability (and therefore no longer break) if used for fighting. Please remember fighting while holding one of those is the same as having nothing in your hands.

    3 - Criminal status is no longer received when attacking players in the same party or guild.

    4 - Criminal and Assassin characters are no longer seen as Innocent after unhiding.

    5 - Rejuvenation hotkey has been correctly renamed to Constitution.

    Let us known what you think of all these massive changes and enjoy Linkrealms!

  • Awesome, i especially like the bless charges lost on death for assassins. I'm not quite sure what to make of constitution replacing endurance for heals... but i can't see it being a bad thing. Lol

  • Time to fist people

  • @Myhal said in Beta Update - Patch 2.4 (06-23-16):

    Time to fist people

    @Myhal said in Beta Update - Patch 2.4 (06-23-16):

    Time to fist people

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • This is a thread for discussion, stop spamming you two up there.

  • Sorry I got a little bit excited. Great Patch though!

  • @Prometheus fight me at fisting

  • Did you reduce the weight of essences?

  • @Roundwaters yeah i didn't really consider that... those things are heavy. Lol

  • Very good, now people with high hide/stealing will be very squishy to kill xD (holya/x-star) cough cough

    good for me... lvl 100 spelldefiance, 100 endurance.

  • @vorgoth333 like six of us in vent arguing over if you're actually a retard or just pretending. My money's on pretending, but I'm really unsure

    Edit: if anybody wants to come be hyped with us

  • @Roundwaters said in Beta Update - Patch 2.4 (06-23-16):

    Did you reduce the weight of essences?

    Yes, I've added it to the patch log :)

  • also, another thing to ask is that if martial arts is intended to be a fighting skill, players will eventually expect to be able to boost it past 100. have you added the skill to the random jewelry drop chance?

  • The PvE server is down.

  • @Roundwaters said in Beta Update - Patch 2.4 (06-23-16):

    The PvE server is down.

    It's back up :)


    This post is deleted!

  • @Prometheus as stands if a party of reds enter town, and one is engaged upon, the rest of the party cannot help defend their teammates. Would request this be changed.

  • @Prometheus Are the fist fighting battle tactics implemented yet? Would love to choke hold @Holya

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