Some request and ideas...


    i will try to be short with my ideas and suggestions:

    1- lockpicking work skill
    2- wih last patch, request of essences is increased greatly, maybe could be useful to increase number of sellers or increase stock of the 2 mages in town
    3- it could be useful to produce essences with cooking, into proper realms, exactly like Ultima Online, this could enhance cooking skill too..
    4- remove from chests in town the alcoholic drinks, it is really ridiculous that chests in town drop so easily alcoholic drinks that require over 90 skills and a lot of work to realize them...
    5- why not thunderskin? why implemented 3 on 4 skins?
    6- gnome spawn in realms are not easy to manage, sometimes they spawn up out the range of scarecrow, even on not dirt soil, it require a fix because realms often are traps for owners

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