Time lost for farming maps

  • I am killing a ton of lizards and farming now tons of map fragments. I am geting not more than 1-3 fragments on lvl 1, then avrade 1,5 fragment on level 2. But i can trow all of this farming to trash becouse on lvl 3 i am geting usualy 0 and at the moment when you get 0 you are lousing all your progress.

    This is f********** discouraging. And dont tell me that im crying becouse i am. Today i was again, I was dumb enough to finish 3 more maps, i got 1 fragment. Collecting f************ fragments for these maps took me so much time and on the end again 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0.

    The game is gething boring becouse there is no progress. I discussed also about fragment distribution in other topic becouse this was also irritating having all fragments beside one, but not droping fragments on lvl 3 map is much more worst.

    also the drop rate for artefacts in these chests schould be 0,5% but i dont feel this, i was able to find so far one artefact and i have done a loot of these chests. I know that 0,5% is like 1 in 200 but common. How long you should grind this to be revarded by one random artefact that ends to be a leafspring bow that is a trash not an item.

    I am frustrated and wont correct my typos and mistakes in english, im to lazy to do it becouse im so bored to grind the f*@#$@#%$%#^ map fragments and not gething them.

    Keep in mind that last month i am playing so much but slowly I begin to feel disgust for grinding in this game. No revard only dissapointment.

    Also i dont want to check it but i heard you can still louse a map when you enter the event when somone else has finished it and the timer is still running. Why can the map simply get closed and after trying to get inside it could be with any risk for lousing maps <- this bug was also posted many times by me and Vetro

    Also the timer after server save is dissapearing <- also something that was posted so many times.

    @Prometheus sorry for the worlds, i know that you are a small team and i am complaining a loot for old bugs but still i think before adding new content you need to fix bugs that you know. Also you are not listening what old players have to say about the game but when new players start to cry you give them all they want.

    Like with the bug with the wird damage/hp behavior, i wast talking about this so many times and nothing, when some of new players started to see that they can not heal after gething damage you fixed this bug in no time.

    There is a bug that allow you to teleport being overload, but i think you should try to figure it alone. I can give you only a clue that this is an consequence of an old bug that i reported.

    Again sorry for the critique, meby this is becouse i have lost today again so much time. And meby its becouse i remember when you played your own game and asked for feedback players in game and allowed them to test before implementing things ( refering to the darkling event when you implemented it on pve serwer ).

    Now i have no possibility to talk with you on the chat becouse you turn it off, realy to get an answer about game mechanics i need to write an mail - and w8 for the naswer that can never come?? The wiki wont be completed ever because you limit the knowledge about the game with this behavior

    Now for the end. Do you remember when you made the change with arties drop from mobs.

    Before change:
    alt text

    After change:
    alt text,alt text

    And this phoenix bow is with mana regen, yes its so useful , also i shere sometimes the hide so i have killed a tone more.
    Explanation for new players: the first image is also bad becouse the boss droped only 2-3 kinds of artefacts

  • I agree with Kapish... I too am also very upset with these issues and have wasted hundreds of hours trying to get arti drops and get lizo maps with no success. PLEASE revise loot drop chances or something...

  • Well said, I feel Kap's pain.


    I agree with the map drop rate. You should be guaranteed to get two map fragments for each run. I completed a level 3 map and got 0 fragments and have not done it since. It's far too much time wasted to get 0 fragments.

  • Still not as bad as doing level 4 and getting a Lizard Leg. Or a lizard staff, enhanced meteor has never been useful.

  • @Kapich @Arcendem @Roundwaters @Amnesiac as you can see from our development roadmap, we have indeed decided to focus on finishing and balancing existing features before moving on with new ones. All the things you have mentioned in your post will be addressed: drop rates of artifacts being too low for some bosses, several artifacts being (almost) useless, the mechanics of the Lizzogoth jungle, and several others.

    I cannot guarantee it will be all addressed right in the next patch, but if not that one, soon after - as the development roadmap covers a few weeks only anyway. It's a promise!

  • @Prometheus Nice! sounds like most of that will be implemented when i get active again after my vacation.

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