This game sux

  • The devs just suck they are too slow. The probly do this game on the side and its not their full time job.

    Why bother with this game? Its like a crappier version of Albion online. There is no innovative mechanic other than the ability to create a castle and own a realm which might I add you have to pay what like 9.00 US for a month to keep? or you must grind non stop to keep paying for it with in game gold by buy stuff from someone who spent real money?

    It basically costs real money to keep your equipment from being destroyed do to durability.

    The only unique thing in this game, the thing the game is built around owning a realm costs 9 dollars a month.

    Crafting is non existent, spells are worthless, stuff is still horribly imbalanced its not even fun to play the game as anything other than an archer.

    Meanwhile albion online is the same exact thing you get an island of your own for free to build the stuff you want on, you get access to open world, crafting, and all characters can switch skills from warrior to mage at will any time..... the graphics, spells, and monsters are all better. this game is a joke in comparison and its never going to successful. There will only ever be a few dozen people playing it. its just a bad game with bad devs and you cant fix that.

  • lul. Im having fun as a mage not archer. Realms can be bought with argents.
    Cry more bby.


    First of all, we are a very small team and if you have followed us at all then you know we release updates quite frequently. You are also able to buy and maintain a realm (for free) using only in-game currency, you may actually have to put some time in though because it isn't handed to you. LinkRealms is an Early Access game, it is expected that there will be some bugs and imbalances and we have been consistent with fixing them each patch.

    Your entire post sounded like an advertisement for another game, if you do not like our graphics, spells or monsters then go play Albion Online, we won't mind.

    This thread will be moved to the off-topic forum, in the future please do not advertise another game, if you would like to leave feedback then you may do so in the General Discussions & Feedback thread.

  • @zarconis guess you should beat it then. bye bye little cry baby.


    IF you don't like a game.. Don't play it don't come here advertising another game.. Also I paid for Prince status on Linkrealms and I paid for Legendary status on Albion Online. I've never regretted buying the Prince founder status on Linkrealms but as far as Albion.. Pfft! I'd never give them another dollar! I for one CAN state my opinion simply because I spent 80$ on Linkrealms and got enough starter stuff to get me far in the game. I spent 100$ on Albion Online and got some nonsense crap that barely makes ANY difference! Oh wait! Plus I got a gold trim around my character icon lol smh.

  • "It basically costs real money to keep your equipment from being destroyed do to durability."

    He's not wrong about that. If you do get an artifact and try to use it as is, it will be pretty much worn out after a single dungeon run. You can't play this game for free.

    Now that we seem to require multiple characters, that cumulative upkeep on all that equipment really takes it's toll, at least in PvE land. To the point where I pretty much wear trash until it falls off, and put on a a couple of good pieces for boss encounters. Add to that the extreme grind the devs think is going to keep sheep in the fields, and this durability loss is way out of whack.

    I'm really not that motivated to max out durability on an item when viper mods are all but useless. You think I LIKE wearing this stupid gnome crown?


    Op sounds like a butt hurt kid that knows nothing about this game. Goodbye.

    P.s. doing a simple Google search of Albion returns plenty of Reddit posts/forums posts about how Albion sucks.

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