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  • Hey,

    So I've been trying to make a realm the past few days, don't want to give away what I'm making incase someone steals my idea :D. Anyway, it's damn hard to use... How do you make an upstairs? I'm guessing by putting a square block down and floating it, and placing a couple of missing blocks with stairs leading up? And how do you make a roof? Currently I'm struggling to make roof on a small building.

    Basically I'm asking for tips / advice from anyone experienced in using the editor.
    Sometimes even placing things like walls can be extremely frustrating requiring me to delete a wall infront because it's in the way of the place I need to click to place the wall behind. Lately I've started building from top to bottom when it comes to walls if that makes sense. But yeah, I'd love to be able to make proper use of the editor. Roofs, multi-floors and underground would be awesome.

    Is more than 2 floors possible?
    Is underground possible e.g. a basement?



    There is a tile/sprite for steps (it's under the folder called "steps" iirc). You can set the level of your tiles/sprites by adjusting the slider on your left most side of the editor

    underground is not possible afaik


    Yeah you can make up to 4 i think it is
    the trick is make your walls hide all the walls.. make a single 1 cube high stretch it across your zone/realm.. use the move up arrow till its up just a little higher than your walls.. this will make sure you cant see your upper floor when you walk in.. now put down the steps you may have to adjust them up past the floor you just made.. the last step should be even with your floor.. now note that you will have to delete some tiles over the stairs cuz lets face it your not a ghost that can walk through walls


    if you have any more issues i can make you one and you just build off of that.. just find me in game

  • Actually, you can make 6 floors, but it's tricky getting the 6th one. You need to raise it into place manually

    5 floors is easy enough to do once you get the hang of placing stairs. Start from the bottom, and use the sliders on the left side. Once controls the placement grid, and the other controls your view, so you don't have upper floors in the way when you want to see lower ones. There's a menu option along the top to "Hide wall", or you can "select all" of a certain block, then "hide selected"

  • I'm really getting the hang of this now, pretty sure I'm now capable of building some pretty awesome stuff...

    Problem is, is anyone else getting errors? I use "cube 01 high" for my floors, everything works fine until this object gets placed (and I've tried different textures, I think it's the object not sure if it's bugged my side or for everyone). Basically when I save I get an error dialogue saying: "Error loading object pack index 0 C:\Program Files (x86)\Linkrealms"... I have to click OK a bunch of times and can see the progress bar moving each time I hit OK, implying that the exact same error applies to multiple things. I get the same error when uploading to the game world, but it still says success. When I go in-game, I can't move where I've placed the floors meaning that they're there, but even if they were visible the attributes (meaning where you can/can't walk) are working incorrectly for them, and they're invisible.

    Anyone else having this issue with "cube 01 high"?

    I'll report back here if I can find a way around this.

    EDIT: "cube 02 high" works fine! :)

  • How can I make it so that when I'm on the bottom floor instead of only having a limited circle of vision, the upper floor fades out?

    Thanks :)

    EDIT: Also, certain sprites (such as railings) have invisible blockers in a place I don't want them. Can i remove those or am i just gonna have to not use them / base my map around them?

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