Super Summer Sale!

  • Hi everyone,

    as the Steam Summer Sale goes on, we have decided to give our take on the matter: the Super Summer Sale is here!

    Until the 4th of July, you'll be able to buy Linkrealms on Steam, become a Founder and buy Credits or Claim Stakes - all discounted!

    Linkrealms on Steam

    Linkrealms is officially taking part in the Steam Summer Sale. Get Linkrealms on Steam for $13.39 only - that's right, a 33% discount on the original price!

    We'd also like to remind you that when purchasing the game on Steam, a Settler Founder Pack is automatically added to your account!

    Founder Packs

    Not only the Settler pack has been discounted to be on par with Steam, but all other packs as well!

    Settler: $13.99 (33% discount)
    Baron: $23.99 (20% discount)
    Duke: $39.99 (20% discount)
    Prince: $79.99 (20% discount)

    Credits & Claim Stakes

    Are you a Founder already and waiting for the right occasion to stock up on Credits and Claim Stakes? Hesitate no more, log into the game and enjoy a lovely discount there too!

    1 Month Claim Stake $7.95 (20% discount)
    3 Month Claim Stake $21.55 (20% discount)
    6 Month Claim Stake $38.35 (20% discount)
    3 Month Claim Stake $67.15 (20% discount)

    33 Credits $7.95 (20% discount)
    71 Credits $15.95 (20% discount)
    134 Credits $27.95 (20% discount)
    208 Credits $39.95 (20% discount)
    375 Credits $59.95 (20% discount)

    Beta Keys

    Get access to Linkrealms at the most convenient price - even after the sale is over! We have activated a new website page to sell Beta Keys (outside of Steam, without Founder Packs) at the lowest price ever:

    Get a key directly (while keeping an eye on country-based offers) or have a look at all our partner stores!

    Enjoy Linkrealms!

  • OH wow! I see a bitcoin option!

    Tried for another beta key, but didn't complete the order in time. Now it tells me to try again later. Would LOVE to see an option to purchase credits with bitcoins. Currently seems limited to the two options listed here:

  • Try as I might, it won't let me buy with bitcoin.


    I wish I could link my character to steam that would be awesome!

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