Mages, spells, strategy....


    There isn't a forum section for templates, so i have to ask here

    more specific, i wish to know how use mages, your builds and tactics vs mobs

    which spells u prefer and which combos?
    its not a topic for spam, i really want to know how use a mage in a better way, because i feel mad with mine

    i have a mage with invocation and alteration
    my spells are:
    frost blast as ice spell
    Fireball as fire spell
    Shock phase as shock spell
    Chain lightning as Aoe spell

    most of time i use only fireball because its mana cost and damage output allow me to cast almost all time
    shock phase is useful rarely, generally i use it on bosses of big mob vulnerable like minotaurs
    at spider dungeon only fireball for all, sometime chain lightning for spider enclosure

  • Enhanced fire orb. Makes your enemies burn longer. As long as you keep everything on fire, it does decent damage. This was Prom's favorite PvP spell back in the day, so of course that spell's going to be OP.

    If you can trap something, Hail Strom is great. It cheaper and faster to cast than Meteor Storm and Fire Fiend, and you can really carpet bomb an area with it.

    If you can spare the points to max poison, the poison spell is decent, but it will damage you just as much as your enemies. If you want to avoid poisoning yourself, you need ANOTHER skill!
    So to cast the poison spell, you need Sorcery, it's school of magic, the poison skill, and the poison resist skill. 4 skills just for one spell. That's absolutely retarded.

  • For single targets Fire orb into fireball spam is usually the staple combo for me.
    One combo you might find usefull for pve is the shock wave/enhanced frost blast combo. It allows you to permanently cc a monster until out of mana by casting them in succession. Very usefull for fire resisty targets such as exalted imps/lava liz.
    Some targets such as exalted mino are very resistant to magic overall, which is where disintegrate comes in. My fireball does 15 dmg compared to disitengrates 110.
    With the changes of ethereal wall, it is not a very usefull tool, I reccomend using the environment to kite monsters around, and if not possible trying to trap yourself into single tiles.

    As for AOE I very much disagree with @Roundwaters , Meteor Storm and Hail Storm are trash AOE since they trend to "fear" the area massively scattering monsters and it doesnt hit that hard, 25 per meteor? 35 with enhanced?
    With the addition of stoneskin it should be much easier to kite monsters and cast, the two most effective spells being chain lightning and comet. I do around 40s to minotaurs with chain lightning, killing them with around 10-12 casts? Much less mana than meteor storm or hail would.
    As for strategies, there isnt really much to say, know what items to wear. Physical resists are much less valuable on a mage now, so stacking magical resists/or life increase is a must. Im sitting at 175 hp buffed with 50 fire and 70 shock resist. I carry around different crafted gear with resists as they are not very valuable and can really save a life.

    Some tips I reccomend
    Remember to party! Dont want chain lightning reking ur friends.
    Once you hit 150 wisdom with buff/items, str is much more valuable for survival.
    When hunting Pstones, mino spawn is the most efficient for mage, lizardsimp is second.
    If fighting a player with good resists, shock/fire, you cant win, shock bolt that hoe and blink the fuq out.
    Even if Endurance does not affect healing anymore, I reccomend keeping it, as it massively reduces archers pvp capabilities against you (mage spirit/cripple).
    You can blink out of spiritual chains by having it precasted before being chained.
    IF YOU DO NOT HAVE LAST TARGET AS A HOTKEY DO IT NOW. It allows you to instacast to last target, even bypassing the cast times at time allowing for more spam! I was dumb enough not to know about this, and felt like an idiot till I used it.

    Well that is all I know, I hope you enjoy Myhal's magical secrets, it was written in mobile so idk if itll be messy.
    Hope its helpful!


    110 disintegrate even if full life???

    anyway really ty for all these comments, its like a bible for mages

    one thing, i see u all use staffs, its a better choice for mage pve? martial arts is more pvp oriented?

    say me yours about combat skill

    and another thing.... chain lightning hit always my pets with spiritualism, exist a way to avoid it? partying resolve problems with teammates? and their pets?

  • @Meziljin
    Martial arts is just a gimmick for now, since staff fighting is essentially the same thing except with another piece of equipment to get stats from. There's probably in PVE where the +50% base melee damage is more efficient in PVE, but in general staffs are the best.

  • @Meziljin Chain lightning unfortunately always hits summons. That is why you dont take spirtualism! And yes 110 disintegrate, keep in mind i have 40% spell dmg inc. Staff is best for stats


    @Myhal wait wait, and how can u do pve without spiritualism? is it possibile? or ur speaking for pvp builds?

  • @Meziljin lol ye, you just stoneskin and fuck shit up with aoe


    @Myhal write here a possible building for mage pve pls

  • 100 staff
    100 sorcery
    100 invocation
    100 alteration
    100 constitution
    100 meditation
    100 of your choice, endurance/conjuration maybe/spell defiance


    Hope you enjoy

    And about disintegrate, its max hp based untill you get your target hp to double of the damage you are dealing - its when it gets insta killed.
    Versus bosses, its the best spell.

  • @DEAD Yeah, but you shouldn't be using it against targets with low/no resists. Waste of mana/lower DPS

  • @Holya yeah... it really depends on target. Since I use necromancy in my build, I can just cast two skelletons and spam disintegrate or fire orb+ refreshing firebolts and meditate after mana gets too low

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