Official PvP Tournament: Duel The Game Designer

  • Hi everyone,

    are you interested in testing your PvP skills using your weapons and spells against the person who has designed your weapons and spells? Now you can! Welcome to the first PvP tournament of the Challenge The Game Designer series!

    1. How to sign up

    Leave a reply to this thread specifying the name, ID and build of the character you will use in the tournament (raw skills and stats). By "raw" we mean without bonuses from equipment.

    2. How does it work

    You will be contacted in the game and, if ready, teleported to a special duel realm where you will have a few duels with our game designer Uriel, who will play different Mage builds.

    Your duels will be recorded, mixed together and uploaded on the Official Linkrealms YouTube channel: please don't sign up if you are not OK with this!

    Each player can sign up with one character only. No gear will be provided, only heals.

    Additional rules:

    1. The healing item used by both opponents will be Moonshine Mead.

    2. The allowed area for the duel is a whole realm of our choice.

    3. Don't try looting or other funny things. Not only it won't get you anything good, but you will also get expelled from the tournament and punished.

    4. It is forbidden to use the Sacrifice spell on the Spirit Wizard - something that will be changed in the next patch.

    3. A suggestion

    Everyone can sign up to this tournament, but it's suggested only skilled and well equipped characters take part in it.

    4. What are the rewards?

    Be featured on the official Linkrealms YouTube channel and help balancing the PvP of the game!

    5. Will there be official GM-held tournaments between players in the future?

    Yes, there will be, with proper rewards!

    Waiting for your posts! ;)

  • @Prometheus
    Name: Holya
    PlayerID: 105314


  • @Prometheus

    Name: Abigale
    Player ID: 104773
    Str: 125
    Agi: 80
    Wis: 15
    Int: 55

    100 marksman
    100 battle tactics
    100 constitution
    99.9 spiritualism
    50 invigoration
    43.x concentration
    56.x sorcery
    75 alteration
    75 Endurance

  • Nane: Marra Rae
    Player ID: 103221
    Str: 136
    Agi: 105
    Wis: 9
    Int: 40

    Marksman: 100
    Battle tactics: 98
    Constitution: 100
    Spiritualism: 89
    Invigoration: 96
    Spell defiance: 45
    Endurance: 84
    Concentration: 86

    Quick few questions, is gear being provided for this? Or we have to use our own? Also um... Are we losing bless charges?

  • Name: Myhal
    Player ID: 10497
    Str: 147
    Agi: 10
    Wis: 127
    Int: 10
    Staff fighting:98.8


    Name: Xeraeth
    PlayerID: 4097
    STR 126
    WIS 9
    AGI 103
    INT 37

    Marksman 100
    Battletacis 100
    Spiritualism 100
    Constitution 100
    Invigoration 100
    spell Defiance 3.4
    Endurance 96.4
    Concentration 100

  • Name:Last Dark Emperor
    Player ID:1015
    STR 130
    Wis 9
    AGI 96
    INT 62

    Mauling 100
    Battle Tactcs 90.1
    Spiritualism 91.9
    Poisoning 55.7
    Constituation 100
    Spell Defiance 88
    Endurance 69.6
    Invigoration 49.2
    Concentraion 55.2

  • Name: DEAD
    ID: 104325
    Str: 125
    Wis: 125
    Agi: 9
    Int: 16

    Sorcery 100
    Invocation 100
    Alteration 100
    Conjuration 100
    Spell Defiance 100
    Meditation 100
    Staff Fighting 100


    @DEAD said in Official PvP Tournament: Duel The Game Designer:

    Name: DEAD
    ID: (how do I check this? redownloading the game)
    Str: 125
    Wis: 125
    Agi: 9
    Int: 16

    Sorcery 100
    Invocation 100
    Alteration 100
    Spiritualism 100
    Spell Defiance 100
    Meditation 100
    Staff Fighting 100

    Your player ID# is located at the top left of your character window.

  • @Prometheus have you decided on rules for following tournaments yet? I'm actually really excited for them, and want to start building counter characters x:

  • @Prometheus
    Name: Falck Dreworok
    PlayerID: 101296
    STR 120
    WIS 10
    AGI 100
    INT 47

    Marksman 100
    Battletacis 100
    Spiritualism 100
    Invigoration 100
    Endurance 84.6
    Spell Def 83.6
    Concentration 52.2

    Prospecting 100
    Tailoring 93.6
    Lockpick 79.22 +10 +10 = 99.2 :)

  • Edited original post and deleted this one.

  • @Prometheus

    Name: DarkMiraxus
    Player ID: 103489
    STR 125
    WIS 16
    AGI 116
    INT 47

    Marksman 100
    Battle Tactics 100
    Sorcery 60
    Alteration 75
    Spiritualism 100
    Constitution 91
    Spell Defiance 75
    Invigoration 50
    Concentration 42
    Hidding 6.5

  • @DEAD just edit your original post then.

  • When will this go live?

  • @DEAD unsure if he's still doing it, but he dueled Myhal and I on the day OP was posted. Marra said he was refused his duel, so I'm unsure what they're doing with that.

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