Idea to combine the skill prospect + lockpickin

  • For skill prospect not be as obsolete as the level of prospect to dig find chests of the same level , for example :

    • Prospect lvl 10 find some level 10 chests ... so on.
      With this profit more skill prospect.
      I'm sorry for the translation was made by google translator.
      Have a good game!

  • Awesome idea.
    each tier of prospecting with a chance of finding chests of same level? thats just awesome!


    i like the idea of being able to dig chests up


    it's a bad idea, or at least for most...

    Prospecting at high level allow to use metal detector and find treasures into chests, unfortunately already open, but probably in future will require a great lockpicking skill

    prospecting increase really fast, while lockpicking really slow, and its important this due to the incredible utility of this skill
    actually u can increase at good level lockpicking only doing dungeons like spiders or lizzogoth maps

    essentially its the reason these dungeons exists (especially spiders, because there is no final boss or artifact inside), allowing the chest pop up during prospecting will kill these features and all peolep will bring lock to 100 with macro passively in their realms.

    Bad idea, will ruin most of what it could bring as fresh news
    meantime i'm agree chest we get with metal detector should have great reward and a good level of lockpicking to open it


    I personally am not suggesting that the chests be unlocked when dug up. I am saying you dig the chest up and then you lockpick it. Like old treasure maps in UO. (i dont remember specifically how those worked)

  • maybe introducing treasure maps to find locked chests with prospecting could be great

  • Bumping :P


    How about this... maps that show where buried treasure is use prospecting to dig up said chest and lock picking to open and different tier maps require different amount of skill if this sounds familiar ultima online did it lol... except digging was in relation to mining skill because they did not have prospecting

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