Spawner question...


    On cash shop there are several spawner, each have a different cost

    ghost, scheleton, ants, zombie, ghosts, scorpion etc

    ant description say it can spawn until 5 ants or aphids at time, but lower description say there is a max of 1-3 spawn at time, is it a bug or what?

    another question, is there a difference btw spawner? why someone cost 8 and other 12? are they different for sparring or its only aesthetic?

  • Spawners are kind of useless.

    The game advertises that you can turn your realm into a dungeon, but you really can't. The only spawners are too weak and useless, and the spawn times are too slow to make an effective dungeon. Not to mention you can only have 2 spawners active, which includes animal spawners and henhouses.

    It's one of the many features that wasn't well thought out, shoe horned into the game, then ignored for perpetuity.


    i need to skill up combactive skills, not interested in a stupid feature like transform my realm into a dungeon...

    can someone answer me on topic?

  • @Meziljin said in Spawner question...:

    I'm a PvPer! I don't care about anything that doesn't effect me directly!


    @Roundwaters are u stupid or what?

    i asked here a precise thing, and u went off-topic with your arguments...

    Stay on topic or i call moderator pls

  • @Meziljin He answered your question........ There's no difference in spawn amounts, only two spawners will work at a time. you can't spawn more than x amount and they spawn too slow to be good for anything. just pick one to level your skills and call it good.

  • Weird ..i got three zombie spawners and they all occasionally go off at once and are all active all the time or did i miss something?


    @Siomn Thats because Abb never knows what she is talking about. The best spawner is the skeleton spawner (as long as your character can live from the damage they take) You can use 3 of the spawners which will spawn 3 at a time for a total of 9 skeletons. (the max monsters active at once can be 10) Skeleton spawners are good because they have more hp than a ghost which translates to more hits which equals more potential skill gain. I really am not sure how much hp a zombie has compared to a skeleton but I think the skeleton has more.

    I see what @Meziljin is saying. The description to me contradicts itself. For the max total of ants it says 1-3 at a time but in the description it says it will spawn up to 5 ants or aphids. I have never bought one of these spawners so Im really not sure.

  • @Clavicus my bad, seems there's no limit to how many spawners will activate at a time, the limit is 10 monsters spawned at a time I guess. And I wouldn't respond to you either if I was dev because all you seem to do is complain.

  • Aphids drops sugar when they die. Leave an active aphid spawner with a rooster on a perch, then just pick up the piles of sugar.

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