Personal Bank


    Personal bank cannot be opened by other people even if i put on the option for guildmate and friends

    and DON'T TELL ME it is intentional, because it's ridiculous....


    Yea I posted about this a while back pain replied and said that they had other things to do before they add permission levels for them :(


    @Clavicus wow best way to lose other duke and prince status :).

    This fix could improve greatly game, allowing princes and dukes to create new minitowns around world giving chance to other people to reach more places, and a bank with some vendors could give more emphasys to commerce

    nvm welcome to Holya game


    Yea I totally agree. It could definitely foster closer ties with guilds too by helping have a "guild realm" where people can chill/bank etc. I was hoping it would be something the devs could throw in to a patch quickly although I have no idea if something like that is easy to do or not.

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