Current PVP Game/ Suggestions


    Currently, PVP isn't in the meta game yet. Very few people are statted/skilled properly. Very few people actually are geared. Therefore nobody pvps. Instead when confronted with a PK, players flee.

    95% of the time people run from me to the safe zone.

    4% fight. In my battles with these players they are usually well equipped and know how to fight back. I've lost about 50-50 to some of these people. Sometimes I get surprised and die instantly. Two fights notably. One time it was a 2v1 vs Jendo and Dimex, I literally got 1 shot by a burst proc. Then when I fought Kuunki or w/e his name is he turned and proced two fire procs on me and had his lizards rape me. I usually only die to Last Dark King, since he play's like a pussy and just baits you into chasing his fire spirit. It's all good b/c i'm wearing his crystal armor.

    1% of players I gank Fall over dead after one whack.


    PVP needs to evovle to the "end game" where people have everything, then we'll see what to nerf /change.

    I think the biggest issue is the melee desync/the size of player hit boxes/melee range. These things need to be adjusted really bad. TBH I don't remember it being so god damn hard clicking on a moving target to "attack" them but in this game it's a pain. I was thinking maybe increase the player hitbox/clickbox.

    • I have seen very few pure mages in pvp. I think this is because they take longer to build/skill up and are not as good for farming since the can't face tank. I'm not sure why there aren't many tbh.

    • PVP revolves around mage spirit freezes, and fire spirit kiting. Basically spiritualism is the meta.

    • I think disarm is pretty useless in 1v1, same with bleeds. The maul weapons have better tactics, but servering gets better choices for end game weapons. I really see their use in group fights though, disarming someone and bursting them down instantly.

    • 50% proc weapons are a must, also wearing enchanted resist gear is a must. Most people don't balance their resists or use Eth oath.

    • Most of the time I find myself chasing people, and not being able to catch up with them. This sucks and should change. I've been recording all my fights and ya this happens 99% of the time. Maybe getting that chains ability in spiritualism will change this. I just find cripple to really suck.


    • Improve cripple/snares. Maybe add a movement speed ability for a short burst of speed.

    • Maybe add an agro system, where you can't zone out of a realm shortly after combat (pve and pvp).

    • Lower some of the stat reqs for high end gear, so you can go 125 int 125 str.

    • Add some sort of function that is attack target, so you don't have to double click an enemy but rather single click. Kinda like UO. Like for example now, you have to try to click them while moving which is hard, what I suggest is add a hot key setting like "q" that bring up a target selection reticle (like when you cast a spell) that "attacks the enemy."


    Thought this was the feedback section oops.

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