Hide/stealth useless??

  • I have a question but I need to explain my dilemma, first. I hope someone can give me input on it. I fear I might be overlooking some aspect of the game.
    I made a hiding/stealth guy but both skills appear to be useless, it seems, as any time I do literally anything other than walk around, I get revealed. I also haven't even noticed any sneak attack damage increase. Perhaps I'm missing something???
    I've tried getting sneak attacks with melee and casting but neither make a difference, as I'm revealed the second I begin casting. If you can't sneak while preparing a spell or targeting a victim, what's the point in even doing it? I even get revealed by simply opening a chest, which takes away any point in using the skill at all.
    Now, I know this isn't other games but my point is that why even waste points in hiding/ stealing if you get absolutely no benefit other than turning invisible and running away from fights? I could simply spend the points in leveling up combat or casting so I don't have to run from fights in the first place... which I regret not doing in the first place.
    So, is there something I'm missing, here? Have I overlooked something? If not, will there be any chance these skills will change in their in-game functionality, any time soon?
    Thing is, it's a cute game and I liked it thus far until I realized I had spent several hours possibly wasting time leveling skills that don't function the way one would reasonably expect. :( help

  • @fezzywig

    Hiding should never be leveled in and of itself, even if some +hiding skill on items can be nice as a tertiary stat. Hiding is useful exclusively to escape players, but 40 points in sorcery for blink works in literally all the same situations as hiding, and is outright better in every regard.

    Stealth, however, is very powerful. Losing 1/7th your skill cap(you NEED 100 points in stealth for it to be at all useful) makes most builds, especially mages, unable to function in PVP beyond scouting/coup de gracing. Scouting is especially important in Linkrealms PVP because of player's abilities to block entrances/exits, and have friends teleport to nearby staging bases. If you know exactly where somebody is, in most dungeons you can make escape impossible before they even knows you're there.

    If you want to stealth around one banging nerds there is a backstab mechanic, but the damage increase is fairly minimal, and you can't use an ability on your opener, so it's usually a non-factor. Oh, and as mentioned you can't prepare spells while stealthed, so mages should never have it. Your goal as a stealthy cunt is purely to run around until you find somebody fighting monsters, wait until there are a few on him, then disarm him, maybe follow up with stuns/shackles. If your enemy isn't wearing a weapon, their dodge chance is 0-10% versus most monsters(and 0% vs. you). In most higher level dungeons, since player survivability is so heavily based on dodge chance, they'll probably drop like a rock before the first stun(which has a 100% hit chance because no weapon) wares off.

    That said, if you don't kill them in your opener as a stealther you're at a massive disadvantage because of how tight on skill points most builds are. I assume you're quitting from your other post, but hey, might help somebody. GL, nerds

  • man up something else.stialth and hiding trash..

    @Holya said in Hide/stealth useless??:
    GL, nerds

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