Halp Im stuck!!

  • Halp!! Im stuck, I entered a realm got stuck used the "Help! Im stuck" command but tp me inside the wall, and the realm is cursed :( cannot tp to bank or to my realm....

    Curiosity killed the cat.... the wolf in this case xD


    type /stuck
    and you will be moved in 1 or two minutes to an open area.

  • Doesn't works, teleports me to the same place I am at the moment, but thx (: any other idea?

  • Can you show the specific zone the /stuck location is broken in? I'll get myself stuck, and see if I can figure something out


    The area he is stuck in to me looks.to be.the pre Phoenix map on pve. It's only accessible if you have maps marked there from back in the day. I could be wrong.

  • Thats right @Clavicus is in the old maps, I was wandering around then I got stuck, used the Help! Im stuck, at help button and that just make things worse it teleported me in to the wall, the server is currently offline, maybe I have a map near the zone, I'll try to back to that zone and mark a map , the zone is cursed I should warn, if u'll try to stuck try with a newbie character, Thanks for your willingness to help! ^^


    Hey @Lobo, sorry for the late reply. Linkrealms no longer has a dedicated support team so issues like these sometimes go unnoticed. I will teleport you back to the town, I will need to meet up with you in-game in order to do that though, what would be a good time for you? I wont be around tomorrow or Thursday after 2pm EST.

  • @Pain said in Halp Im stuck!!:

    2pm EST.

    Thanks!, If the server back, the friday around 8 PM I'll wait for ya, my time is UTM/GMT -5 hours, thats around your 9 PM if Im right. Is that a good time for you? and don't worry, I know that the game no longer support players, it's a shame, really appreciate you could answer and help ^^.

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