Skills not lowering ?

  • Well, i have created a mage that i want to cast any kind of school magic, but my cap is already at 620, and i have some skills that i want to unlearn but even with the down arrow toggled at the skill its not lowering at all.
    So the skills are :
    Martial arts
    Stealth (yeah... I leved it a little bit until i saw that a MAGE dont need it at all)

    I've leveled those skills without knowing that they were leveling haha, but now i've realized that i need more cap and with those useless skills leveled i can't reach my objective, and with those skills not lowering its kind of impossible.

    Those skills have a way to be lowered, or its just bugged ?

  • @kanth skills only start going down when you've reached the 700 skillcap


    @kanth reach the max skill cap lower one by the arrow down position and arrow up the desired skill

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