Setting your hotkeys generates this error

  • So, i changed my hotkeys to pretty much what they were, only that for each command i removed the alt-key.
    The effect that this had (at least for the command "Toggle Show Names" was that the letter that I had assigned to this action (in my case the letter "n"), would start acting weird.


    When I press the key, it works and the command is executed.
    When I enter chat, the lower case version of the letter "n" would not work as a letter in chat anymore, instead it would still trigger the action "Toggle Show Names".
    When I enter chat, I could use the upper case version of this letter "N" in chat, and it would not trigger the action command anymore.
    This behaviour did not come up for the other Action commands, as far as I know.

    Thank you,

    • Skyless

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