Game Master & Forum Moderator Program

  • Hi everyone,

    Due to the recent growth of Linkrealms, the time has come for us to move towards a more careful management of the community to further improve your gaming experience, particularly regarding providing help in case of in-game bugs. I am therefore pleased to announce you the start of our Game Master and Forum Moderator Volunteer Program.

    Moderators are in charge of helping other forum users, calming down discussions that are getting overheated, and in the most serious cases punish players who break forum rules. Moderators also serve as connection between the community and developers, aggregating feedback and bug reports and submitting them to developers.

    To know more about the role of Game Masters:

    To apply for a position, just send an email to containing the following information:

    1. Position you are applying for (game master, moderator, or both)
    2. Name and last name
    3. Age
    4. Nationality
    5. Username
    6. Name of your character
    7. Motivation behind your application
    8. Previous experience in the role

    Please remember that a player can be a game master on multiple servers, but is not allowed to have any regular game character on the servers administered. Moreover, several checks on the actions of Game Masters and moderators will be put place to prevent cases of abuse of power. If any abuse is signaled and proven true, the player will be immediately removed from his Game Master position.

    If a player is punished and deems his punishment as unfair, a complaint can be forwarded to and the case will be reviewed by a member of Mythyn Interactive.

    Please also remember this is a strictly an unpaid volunteer program – not an official position within Mythyn Interactive. Apply if you love Linkrealms and want to improve the gaming experience of your fellow players!

    Thank you all and enjoy Linkrealms!

  • Hi Prometheus! :) Did you get my application? I hope I can help in anyway to make this game really succeed.

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