Linkrealms Video Contest

  • Hey you,

    Are you a streamer or a youtuber? Have you made / would you like to make videos covering Linkrealms? If so, the Linkrealms Video Contest is here to make this activity not only pleasurable for you – but also profitable!

    What is this contest all about?

    The contest is about you making awesome Linkrealms videos and letting us know of them, and about us choosing the best ones and lavishing their makers with rewards!

    What can I submit exactly, and how?

    You can submit a single video / stream, or a series of videos / streams. The content of the video doesn't matter, as long as it is about Linkrealms. Playthroughs, tutorials, guides, pve, pvp everything is allowed! To send a submission, just leave a post in this discussion containing all the links to your material.

    Who decides the winners?

    Your submission(s) will be evaluated by the whole staff of Mythyn Interactive!

    What criteria are taken into account to decide the winners?

    Video recording quality, video editing, content creativity, usefulness... And just sheer fun of watching are some of the criteria taken into consideration!

    What are the rewards?

    Rewards are as follows, in order of positioning:

    1. 20 Credits and 1 month Claim Stake
    2. 20 Credits and 1 month Claim Stake
    3. 20 Credits

    When is the contest ending?

    The contest will end when enough submissions have been received.

    Thank you all and enjoy Linkrealms!

  • Hey there! i made a quick tutorial for prospecting and just wanted to share it. its not so much meant to be a contest entry but more for people to see and to help teach new players :-). i know i could have done a bit better but i just wanted something new to be out there for linkrealms!!! more to come now that i figured out how to do it lol.

    Mrari's Beginners Prospecting guide on Youtube

  • Heres another video i just made regarding party play for beginners. Just some more gameplay footage of Fall Beta 2015

    Watch Mrari's Party Gameplay Footage on Youtube here!



    haha i like how you don't show the part where I killed 2 of you 4 vs 1 only the part where you get me


    ? i can post the entire clip if you want... you've never come close to killing me and there are only 3 ppl in my guild so no idea how you fought 4 of us.

  • Still 3v1 is nothing to be proud of :P


    @Vetro You do realize the clip is in there because its funny right?



    actually 2:30 was funny hahaa, good vid


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