Spell failure

  • I have no armor on that impairs spell casting and I have the required lvl to cast a spell, yes more often then not it fails when I cast it? what is the deal how do you decrease spell failure rates?


    increase your skill level .. .sorry for such a bland response.... but seriously.. .increase your skill level.. this will decrease failure rates... what's your current skill level.. perhaps i can offer some suggestions.

  • There are two things that can make your spells fail:

    1. The spell is available for casting (your skill level > minimum level), but it hasn't been mastered yet (your skill level < master level). If the seal next to the name of the spell in the spellbook is only a red circle, it means it hasn't been mastered yet. When the circle is full (all red), it means the spell has been mastered.
    2. You receive damage while casting.

    Casting impairment has a different (negative) effect - it makes the casting time of your spell longer :)

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