Some noob questions

  • Hey all,

    First time playing last night and I have a few questions.

    1. Where can I sell all the junk weapons/armor/capes etc I get from the crypts? Can I buy something to break them down into tailoring mats or something? The ony person I've found who will buy anything is the blacksmith and only actual swords, no bone mauls and all that stuff.

    2. Is the hide/stealth ability effected by the armor you wear in some way? How?

    3. Is there a way to enable single right click auto pathing to a location? If not are you guys using macros to move or just dealing with always holding down right click?

    4. Does a staff do anything for the Spirit spells? Or is it just for enabling sorcery?



  • One more. Is there a difference between say cloth and leather other than the stats shown on the armor? For instance does leather at base absorb 10% more damage than cloth on top of whatever the stat differences are? Or do we compare armor solely on the stats and benefits/hindrances to magic?

    1. You can sell stuff to the blacksmith in town. He will not buy most of the stuff from the crypts, so just throw everything else on the ground.

    2. No clue, don't think so.

    3. negative. hold that sucker down until your finger bleeds. Also, learn about teleporting asap so you do not spend 90% of your time running.

    4. no clue, don't think so

    P.S. no clue, don't think so, other than the stats displayed.

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