Sorcery Overhaul!


    With the implementation of Spell Defiance ... Sorcery has once again fallen on hard times.
    That being said... the new Spell Defiance Skill..,, Paired on top of the spell disruption implemented in a few months ago, has seriously set back players looking to potentially gain the Sorcery skill.

    It is understandable that sorcery needed some type of setback , in order to allow the dexxer (melee) class to once again flourish... but it's come to the point where the spiritualism skill, paired with the dexxer skillset, is so disgustingly overpowered, it's absurd.

    I agree .. before the implementation of the spiritualism skill manifest.. the Sorcery skill was an abundant choice for Pvpers. and PvE'ers alike..... now it's pretty much Null and Void

    The spell disruption system isn't a poor choice., but in my opinion is highly flawed:

    1. Spell disruption: if continued to be enabled, should disrupt the spell immediately and cancel all casting of the current spell on impact of disruption point.... ( as it sits now.. it lets you continue going through the spell casting animations untill you're actually disrupted and can cast a secondary spell, after repositioning and recasting).
    1. With the Spell Defiance implement .. the warrior (primarily) has such a huge advantage with a resistance skill, that it would only be fair to enable some sort of "Wrestling" skill to balance these actions... One of which that will decrease the hit potential, (hit percentage) of the enemy dexxers impact with a weapon on the corresponding target.

    This is a troubling issue that has been concerning fellow Sorcerers, not just myself, for quite some time now.
    Hopefully we'll once again be able to see the Sorcerer reign down with victorious justice on the fields of Link Realms.

    Thank you for considering my suggestion.. along with everyone else that has placed feedback to the dev team.


    I agree. We have to spend so much more getting our skill up then a warrior due to having to buy charges and the skill gain is sluggish. Pure mages don't stand a chance and it doesn't make sense that everyone HAS to have spiritualism to be useful

  • I was meaning to write a long criticism of the sorcery aspect of this game, based on my exp in the closed beta. Then I come to find a post already made, which left me relieved I am not alone. Relived not because I am afraid to be alone but because the issues with sorcery are so grievous that the words nerf, buff, that describe most issues with balance are not strong enough to describe the problems with sorcery. Rather words like overhaul, rework better describe the state of sorcery.

               I will explain the problems as I saw them as a new player to this game.  I think most of the posts about sorcery here were made by players that are not new to this game.  I agree with everything they said but from a new players view point sorcery is even worse then they let on.  

    Problem 1) charges on staffs.... why? why pay for a spell that already has multiple costs to use, it has mana... and it has spell failure which I consider a cost to use. In contrast crossbows have bolts but they do not have some form of mana as well. Spending 1000's of gold to keep a staff stocked with charges so you can can cast underwhelming and low damage spells, on a staff that is dropped when you die is obscenely, bad design. Making the other forms of damage dealing so much more attractive. Now if spells were extremely powerful and did huge amounts of damage to be worth the high cost that would be a diff story but they do less dps then basic melee... so no....

    Problem 2) starting spells: Starting spells are all but completely worthless, I would suggest removing them for more usefull spells to get the starting mage on his feet in the world. I nearly quit playing the game on the first day because of this. I was not able to advance my character until I decided to just go melee and abandon sorcery altogether. This is no doubt losing you players..... If you just start out in this game and decide to go the Mage path instead of fighter you are left with a horrible selection of useless spells that do not provide you with the survivability/power needed to reach the more useful spells that are buried deep inside dungeons. I would suggest a mana shield, or some other defensive spells available to start with so that if you decide to go sorc build your are not punished by 1 hit death...

    1. complete lack of AOE spells until near max lvl, what is the point of going sorc if you have no aoe spells? Basically it is much better to be an archer, then a caster, or just a fighter with summons. Why have the long cast times (longer if you wear armor), spell interruption and gold cost only to do less dps to a single target?

    2. DPS: Damage per second on spells because worse and worse the better armor you equip. There is no upside to casting spells that do such low DPS because of horrendously long cast times. You give the gamer the choice to not wear heavier armor and use cloth armor to increase his cast time.....this is really no choice at all as without better armor there is no chance to survive higher lvl areas or even lower lvl areas.

    3. No sorc defense: Playing a bit off point problem (1) & a mention in (3) sorc needs to have defensive spells, the heal minor, moderate, and major are not worth mentioning because they do nothing to solve this issue, and seem to be designed more for party use then solo as they are very weak. It seems by your game design you want to make cloth and light armor a viable option for as it reduces casting times... it is however in its current state not an option at all. A sorc needs to be able to rely on a high mana pool and thus being able to put most of his stats in Wisdom without making him self so weak that he would die in seconds to any mob in a dungeon. It is not fair that a mage is forced to split his stats between max Strength & max wisdom just so he get survivability and damage. While the fighter enjoys only needing to Pump up Strength to get both survivability and damage, and then is free to max out another stat like spirit or agility. so there needs to be low lvl spells that the sorc can use to help with survivability at the start of game and then to continue on with higher lvl spells as he gains in power and goes to more difficult dungeons.

    Anyway I like your game which is why I took the time to write all this stuff about my experience in it. I did not touch on the spiritualism aspect as it has already been mentioned and is clearly in need of fixing. There are many ways to fix said problems but I just wanted to bring them to your attention as best I could. I think most of the people playing this game have been around for a long time and might forget how it is to start out fresh and try and build up a caster type char. Seems to be truly impossible unless you first go fighter then decide to switch to caster after you gather up spells and raise your sorcery lvl. This is of course not a good design and it is my hope you realize this and agree.


    Sorcery used to be very powerfull @zarconis . And was worth the 2 gold per essence charge . As you can see, it's no longer like that.. Glad to see your training sorc tho! .. It used to be very powerful. It's now to the point where it's questionable, but needs a little attention on many aspects.
    I happen to particularly disagree with your problem 2 starting problem ,: Starting spells aren't of use.
    1 damage spell. (windblast)
    1 heal spell (heal minor)
    4 buffs. (str./ int/ wis/ agi

    You're able to get from 0-34 sorcery for free with your practice staff, given to you at the start of the game
    Cast windblast spell from levels 0-20
    Cast blink spell (located in graveyard) from levels 20-30
    Cast fireball spell (located in graveyard) from level 30-34.

    But I can also agree with you, on the fact that a newer player may not know that they're able to do to what I had mentioned above.

    I hope to see ya out there at the start of the fall beta!. We'll compare notes!

  • the stat boosts I found I never used as they didn't really add much enhancement the only one of value was the str boost and the wis boost they didn't last long enough to make me want to use them.

    As far as windblast which I would consider the only 1 spell out of the group that has any usefulness... it simply doesn't do enough damage.. its a slow single target spell that often fails when you are starting out. Is it a spell? yes. Does it do damage? sure but it wont get you down to lower lvl graveyard to pick up fireball. Why? cause when you first start out your mana bar is not big enough and the damage windblast does is not high enough for you to kill more then 1 mob at a time. And the monsters respawn too fast or are too many. Therefore its useless.. why use it? just grab a sword or club and make your life easier.

    It is because of the fact that picking up a sword or club or crossbow so significantly makes your life easier and your survivability better that I consider the starting spells worthless.....

  • Thank you all for your valuable feedback on Sorcery! I believe the development roadmap will take care of most of your concerns - check it out!

  • Sorcery still is powerful. I get killed all the time against mages and if it becomes anymore powerful dexxers will be useless.

  • Sorcery is annoying when you leave the safe zone and 5+ sorcerers all dump on you. I havent 1v1'd enough though. Maybe they should make it so you can cast spells without staff but they have significantly reduced power. So people can be a dexxer with spells that arent as powerful or a sorcerer can keep going even if they lose their staff.

    Like without staff it uses the essence in your inventory but takes WAY more mana or something.

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