Choose the Ruleset for the August 29th Test!

  • Hi everyone,

    thanks to our flexible ruleset system we are able to shape in detail how the PvP side of the game experience will be like in the next testing phase. Instead of taking the decision by ourselves, we have decided to give YOU the power to choose!

    As of now, for the sake of simplicity, we decided to limit the choice to the two "standard" rulesets: Classic and Hardcore. Make your choice by replying to the poll in the page linked below:

    August 29th Test - Ruleset Survey

    Everyone with a registered game account can vote - you don't need a Beta Key for that! Please mind that if you already had a Linkrealms account during the last test or before and never logged in the game since then you might have to reset your password due to the upgrade to our security system.

    Classic Ruleset:

    • PvP restricted to the Stone Abyss dungeon and the Mount Viscous area (about 10-15% of the whole game world);
    • Player looting possible only in the areas mentioned above and limited to certain item types (e.g. money, resources, foods/drinks);
    • Player-owned land can be made secure by banning other players and by restricting access to cultivations.

    Hardcore Ruleset:

    • PvP free for all in the whole world besides a few protected areas (NPC towns and the starting zone);
    • Player looting possible in the whole world besides protected areas and including equipment items;
    • Possibility to temporarily bless equipment items through Bless Scrolls;
    • Player-owned land can only be secured through doors and keys.

    Results of the poll will be made public once enough players have voted. If said results are even (or close to), it's possible we will release two separate game servers during the next test phase.

    Feel free to reply to this thread with your feedback and your questions about rulesets!

    Enjoy Linkrealms!

  • Just curious, what were the results? I'm curious about the percentage of people who wanted the Classic ruleset.

  • @Breezy said:

    Just curious, what were the results? I'm curious about the percentage of people who wanted the Classic ruleset.

    About 60-40 in favor of Hardcore - so yeah, there was a decent support for Classic too, but we didn't have the resources to follow two servers, nor enough population. We'll have one as soon as possible tho :)

  • Thanks for answering, @Prometheus ! No rush, I am just always curious about actual numbers.

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