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    I was thinking and I think I found the problem to solve. Right now how melee and dodge works is that you level your melee skill and it makes you hit mobs more often, and dodge them. Eventually you become almost immune to certain mobs. Like going to the bandit camp with decent resists as a statted up character you'll see what I mean. Also even with 90+ weapon skill I find myself missing people with 80 or less weapon skill a lot. That means there's an issue.

    I don't think damage is the issue, I don't think spiritualism is either. If you nerf spiritualism, it will just make other specs more favored. I think it's fine at the moment, It should be a viable hybrid class that you can solo with.

    I think the problem are resists and weapon hit/dodge scaling. Like when you have 100 mauling you have too much dodge, tone it down a bit. You will also have to adjust monsters. Spell Defiance should be reduced by 30% or less, and nether oath should be 20% not 23-25%.


    Spiritualism is over powered I think you are the ONLY one i have ever met in the game that thinks otherwise. Why does spiritualism have THREE different movement attacks (slowing, mage, and spirtual chains) and the arrow guys are way too much. I think it's obvious when people are soloing boss monsters intended for 3+ people just because they have spiritualism. I'm not saying it needs some huge nerf but it definitely needs some adjustments.

  • i agree pvp is notfun cas all uhav eto do is cast 2 mages freeze oponent and insta kil,how lame is that?


    Without mage freeze PVP is stupid. You can easily run and avoid pvp. I only slam dunk noobs while frozen.

  • still if 2players go on u andsummon 4 mages u wouldnt even know what hit u.

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