Beta Update - Patch 1.1 (09-13-15)

  • Hi all,

    the bulk of the work done on this patch involved the refactoring of the legacy code that handled spell casting. While this might sound purely technical and not very significant to you, several issues with spell casting were found (and fixed) in the process, some of which are going to tackle directly the issue of balancing of Sorcery and Spiritualism.


    1 - The Void Castle is now populated by a preview version of some its future inhabitants, the Transcended Parasights and the Overseers.



    1 - Blessed (Permanent) property added and assigned to: Marked Maps, Vendor Spawners, and to all premium items from the store besides equipment items, character look changers, and items that can be found in game too.

    2 – The Cast Speed Increase modifier now reduces Cast Recovery too. This is meant to make the modifier more valuable and to help Sorcery users the most, since Spiritualism (and other future secondary skills) have already low recovery times.


    1 - Fixed bug that would make the inventory of some players get full of immovable stones if they died, resurrected and recovered their corpse after using the Gold Pan.

    2 - Fire DOTs (from camp fires, skeleton spirit, enchanted fire orb, etc) now correctly deal fire damage instead of ethereal damage.

    3 - Fixed a bug that would make some monsters not interrupt the spell casting of the target when using melee attacks.

    4 – Receiving damage no longer interrupts Spiritualism spells (only Sorcery spells are meant to be interrupted by damage).

    5 – A major issue found that was causing some Spiritualism spells (namely, summons) to have no casting time at all. This bug was creating all sorts of issues, such as summoning a Spirit Mage while running to immediately freeze a running target, and it's not fixed.

    6 – Being interrupted by receiving damage while casting a Sorcery spell now correctly releases the caster from paralyze, without having to wait for what would have been the total regular casting time of the spell.




    Now people will run from pvp and always get away. Mage spirit was the ONLY thing stopping this.


    Just because something is good doesn't mean you have to nerf it. Now I have no reason to play this game. When you do this something else will be "optimal."

    I've had this happen to me so many times. I find a good build or ideal setup, then the devs nerf it to the ground. Nerf me out of the game, rofl. I shouldn't have played this beta so much and I really regret it.

    Before you nerf something you should check to see how it compares with other classes and then buff the other stuff first. You add spell defiance, and made interrupting mages easier, both of those needed to be tweeked. Nerfing spiritualism isn't the solution .

    Some people are not as good as others in games, some people are more competitive than others. Just because someone is good doesn't mean the build is OP.

    GG thanks for ruining LR for me peace.


    I'm done being a tester pig for this game. Next patch I rape everyone in PVP again, they will nerf it again. It's not the player it's the game right? Blame the game for someone beating you guys like little nooblings.

    I'm sick of playing all these carebear mmos.



  • yes u rape evribody else whus not heavy into pk but u never fight actual pks,ur frends with them cas u know they killu.

  • Guys, this thread is for discussing the patch, not for flaming at each other. Stop now.

    @zycor, I see your ego is large enough for you to think we made a whole patch because of you. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but we didn't it. As much as you (and other people before you) have enjoyed the "0 casting time" bug on Spiritualism summon, it was still a bug - a bad one - and had to be fixed. There is no spell on Linkrealms that is cast without casting time, and Spiritualism summons are no exception. If you wish to cast faster, get yourself 40% Cast Speed Increase, and in general learn to adapt your playstyle.

    As far as other issues you have pointed out go, such as movement desync, macroing in player houses and general lack of CC, they will all be addressed in the Fall Beta. Keeping a bug alive is not the answer.


    Ya I bet it was a "bug"you still nerfed it to crap. I guess I am egocentric for being mad at you nerfing the build I was using. I've had this happen to me before the devs follow me around and watch me, and nerf everything I do. Not letting you guys do it here because I refuse to play.

    I wanted to help this game out and the community, but looks like you have no clue what you're doing as a developer.

    Spiritualism was fine, it was awesome for soloing, and good for pvp. Mage just was bad, and dexer had desync. Like mage spiritualism had a variety of spells to use for different situations, most of them were broken (not doing damage). Mage had the issue of spell defiance mitigating their damage, that combined with ethrael oath made players 75% resistant to spells. Instead of fixing mage and the melee desync and damage mit you nerf the class I was playing and use the excuse of it being bugged. What's so OP about instantly summoning your pet?


    LOL Prometheus. You should nerf archery. I got 1 shot by them during beta they are OP. Now you should nerf archery since im crying about it. Triple hit + 50% burst weapon + ethrael weapon/chains. Prepare for 100% to 0 burst damage. Plz nerf my eyes are watery it is overpowered.

    PVE is going to suck now, no more soloing have to rely on other people to do anything n this game. There are no other people. In UO you could solo as a tamer should be able to in LR.


    Why are you still complaining about 'a game you are never going to play again'? Because we all know you aren't quitting. It was a bug that needed to be fixed it has nothing to do with you. So you can't solo now because you have to spend time casting spiritualism spells? That doesn't even make sense. Sorcery spells have a cast time, spiritualism spells should too that's obvious.


    Rather go out with a ban bro. Fuck you and fuck this game. Have fun with your carebear simulator.


    Nothing was nerfed about spiritualism, all of the summons do the same amount of damage etc. All that was fixed is 0 casting time, I don't see what the issue is.

  • @zycor said:

    Rather go out with a ban bro. Fuck you and fuck this game. Have fun with your carebear simulator.

    As it is your wish. Bye.

    Oh man that was hilarious to be honest.


    Can I haz his stuff? :D

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