Sorcery spell damage adjustments


    Id like to see certain Sorcery spell damages have some reworks.

    One in particular,:

    1. The initial base damage for the Fire orb spell, casted from a non enhanced staff.
      I feel the base damage for a bare bones Fire orb spell is just slightly too low for the effect it should have.. granted resists from gear play a huge factor in damage received , along with obtained skill and mana pool being a factor of those damage ratios.
      Maybe a slight adjustment in the damage algorithm, possibly like a .002 % to .005% damage increase per level.
      Or how ever you had in mind to meet an adequate adjustment.

    2. Make the damage over time, of Enhanced Fire orb spell.. and the Noxious Plauge spell, deal True or Superior damage.
      True or Superior damage is damage that can't be resisted.. (example: Fire resists or Poison Resists on gear)

    These damage over times are supposed to be very serious,.. and at the moment, they aren't there.
    Changing the damage types on these D.o.Ts will give constant damage on the ticks. (from Ehnanced Fire Orb spell, and Noxious Plauge spell)

    1. Id like to see heal moderate, and heal major, Heal slightly more than they currently do.
      Maybe 1 to 2.. on the low end to,: 2 to 3 on the high end. (hit points healed, in addition to current)

    2. Increase the success rate on Frost Blast proc, on target, when casted from an Enhanced Frost blast staff.
      As it sits now.. its currently a 35% success rate. We all know you literally hardly ever get a successful proc.
      Make the success rate 50-65%. Force these sorcerers to carry many staffs on them to suit their many needs.
      Sounds like an enormous jump in success rate... But as it is now, it really never works at 35%

    3. Id like to see some sort of spell recovery taken away from the Blink spell after target completion.
      as it exists now.. after you target blink on an area... when you land, there is a slight 1-2 second spell recovery delay.. preventing you from running in continuation , after casting the spell.
      I'd like this reworked please. (Smooth Landing). The blink spell is a vital portion of a spell casters lineup.

    Thanks to all the dev team for their hardwork!
    Hope to see you all at the Fall Beta!

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